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Wohlenberg – Perfect Binders

  • Perfect Binders with superior build quality and flexible layouts
  • Perfect binding machines with innovative technology
  • Short, medium and long runs depending on perfect binding machine
  • Vertical gathering for higher productivity
  • Built-in glue tank for pre-melting
  • Total consistency due to pre-melting
  • User-friendly flexible operation

Where Perfect Binders are concerned, there is no better manufacturer better to turn to than Wohlenberg, whose innovative techniques are setting new standards. The Wohlenberg product strategy is to offer each individual customer a machine or system that is tailored to their specific requirement.

  • Perfect Binder - Vento

Vento – The Perfect Binder


With the motorised adjustable Vento, Wohlenberg offers the bookbinders a multi-purpose perfect binder suited for all application ranges of a bookbindery. Standard brochures as well as special products, e.g. Swiss brochures, Otabind and gatefolded products can equally be processed in an economic way. The high versatility of the Vento is based on the modular machine concept which allows a quick adaption of the perfect binder to the individual, sometimes varying customer’s demands. Later integration of optional equipment is anytime possible – this allows to adapt the Vento dynamically and cost-efficient to the customer’s requirements for changing production processes.


  • Motorized high-precision adjustment of all main functions
  • Easy to handle, graphical interactive user interface Navigator e
  • Optimal spine processing with up to three stations
  • Inline-production of gate-folded products with cover folder feeder KRF and integrated foredge trimming device VSS (option)
  • Movable gluing units as changeable system for hotmelt, dispersion- and PUR processing
  • PUR glue nozzle system (system Nordson) for spine- and side gluing
  • Universal, easy-to-use, rotary cover feeder for processing 4-, 6-, and 8-page covers or alternatively a stream cover feeder
  • Separately operating registering and pressing station for exact positioning of cover and optimal spine forming
  • 2nd. pressing station for subsequent spine forming
  • Long, gentle product delivery by means of plate chain and backfolding pusher
  • Laydown device, with a length of 1.600mm or 2.700 mm  for gentle positioning of the products and as interface for inline production
  • Space-saving system configuration by means of 90º – or 180º curve between gathering machine and perfect binder

Some of our customers:

  • amazon
  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs
  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs
  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs