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Folder Gluers & die-cutters from KAMA

“Ideas create value” is the motto and basis on which all of KAMA’s high quality die-cutters and its folder-gluer are designed. For over 100 years the company has offered customers worldwide a variety of economical solutions for small and medium print runs in the cutting and finishing processes. KAMA’s customers range from small and medium-sized job printers, packaging printers, bookbinders and specialist cutting shops, as well as larger, well-known companies. 

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  • ComCut
  • Flexfold 52
  • DC 76 Foil

T H E  M O D E R N  S U C C E S S O R  F O R  P L AT E N S  A N D  C Y L I N D E R S

KAMA ComCut 76


  • Cutting, creasing, perforating
  • Blind embossing, Braille embossing
  • Kiss-Cutting of labels
  • Fine cutting and kiss-cutting of contours with a magnetic cutting plate


  • Double to triple performance compared to a cylinder
  • Easy operation and shortest set-up time
  • 90 % reduced make-ready for repeat jobs thanks to KAMA 4+1 system and center line
  • Easy stripping and clean blanks thanks to very few nicks
  • Existing tools can continue to be used
  • Modern safety concept
  • Well-proven KAMA ProCut platform


  • Paper 120 – 800 g/m2 (6.1 – 32 pts)
  • Paperboard, micro-corrugated board* max. 1,500 g/m2 (80 pts) resp. 1.8 mm
  • Plastics (PET, PP, PVC) max. 1,500 g/m2
  • Maximum sheet size 760 x 600 mm (29 15/16 x 23 5/8 in)
  • Maximum cutting size 743 x 585 mm (29 3/8 x 23 1/16 in)
  • Minimum sheet size 279 x 210 mm (11 x 8 1/4 in)
  • Cutting force max. 165 t
  • Performance max.** 5,500 sheets/h
  • Gripper margin 10 mm (0.39 in)
  • Dimensions with platform (length x width) 4.90 x 2.70 m (192 x 106 in)


KAMA FlexFold 52 for Short-run Folding Cartons

Folding + Gluing of Straight-line boxes, Automatic boxes (crash-lock), Telescope boxes and more…

  • Automated Pre-Setting of the entire Folding Section (transverse + longitudinal direction) with the patent-pending APA-System
  • Fast Job Change
  • Network Integration via JDF/JMF
  • Pre-Breaking
  • Lower gluing unit with high precision glue guns
  • Inline Braille unit (Q2/15)
  • Gluing line inspection with reject unit
  • Quality inspection with reject unit (planned)
  • Folding and gluing of folding carton boxes with the following shapes


Plasma treatment

For smooth surfaces and UV coatings.

With plasma treatment, the FF 52i can also permanently glue sealed and smooth surfaces – such as metallized cardboard and UV coated boxes. The process is ideal for lock bottom boxes with multiple adhesive surfaces, which are popular as packaging for cosmetics.

KAMA DC 76 Foil – the most versatile die cutter

KAMA’s DC 76 is the most versatile die cutting and finishing machine and meets all the requirements of the demanding packaging market: die-cutting with nearly no nicks, clean crease lines, multi-level embossing up to fast as well as tool-free (!) inline blank separation.

The KAMA DC 76 die cutter for format 760×600 mm comes optionally with hot foil stamping – which means 10 applications in one machine – and fits perfectly into digital production environments.

NEW launch: KAMA’s redesigned tool-free stripping & blanking unit offers simplified operation, higher performance and increased output by 25 %.



– High-precision finishing with KAMA AutoRegister

– No more costs for stripping and blanking tools (saves 2 tools per job)

– Servo technology for high performance

– NEW JobManager software for network integration

(digital job ticket, order calculation, reports)

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