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Palamides – Automatic delivery systems for folders and saddle-stitchers

  • Compact solutions for in-line ergonomic stacking and banding
  • Mobility aids quick changeovers from one process to another
  • Variable operating modes: shingled stream or single sheet
  • Left or right product delivery offers added flexibility
  • Multiple-up output and coloured banding for increased productivity

 Using the Automatic Stacker delivery systems results in higher productivity & lower personnel costs.

  • Delta
  • Banding Tape
  • Gamma
  • Sima
  • Mitra
  • Omega
  • Cara

Delta – Automatic delivery

With the new automatic delta delivery the focus is on higher productivity with lower personnel costs. Sturdy, easy-to-handle stacks ensure effective removal to subsequent processing machines.

The delta is primarily a fully automatic delivery system, which streamlines the production process. Here, rationalisation is key, not bundling the packages. By using a delta at a folding machine only one operator will be required. Also, at saddle stitchers, one person can remove the stack cost-effectively even with 2-up or 3-up production and all at full running capacity. Handling the packages is quick and easy, even for in-house transfer from the folding machine to the saddle stitcher. The band merely serves as a means of relocating the products quickly, simply and efficiently.

The delta sets new standards for speed, format range and user-friendliness. With its 600 packages per hour per product stream, it puts all previous machines in the shade. With the tandem version up to 3,600 packages per hour can be processed.

Products which can be processed:

  • Folding machines combi or buckle folding machines, irrespective of manufacturer
  • Saddle stitchers, from the smallest products in multiple up-work up to A3 formats
  • Mailers, slippery and asymmetrical products
  • Digital printing machines, regardless of whether parallel or cross fold

Print tapes and bands: striped, plain & transparent

We stock various colours and sizes to suite all Palamides models and applications.

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Gamma Pro Automatic Delivery

The gamma-pro is equipped with the proven palamides components and has been designed for companies that have little space and quickly changing jobs. No matter if internet printing or small business. No matter if 4 pages or 10 mm booklet. No matter whether with 80,000 flyers/h in double-up or with 3,000 staples in single-up! The products are transferred from the predecessor machine, pressed, counted, measured, stacked, banded on request, and laid out on a buffer table in running direction. The gamma can lay out up to 600 bundles/h per label (total up to 1,800 bundles/h).


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automatic delivery

The Sima Automatic Mail Delivery

The Sima lines up with any inserter and automates the pre-sorting and letter tray preparation processes.

The delivery checks for open flaps, non-readable addresses, and IMB Barcodes then automatically rejects any letter that should not be delivered. Various reading systems are available for the Sima, from simple print mark readers up to a server based OCR/IMB reading system connected to the Digital Front End. Our patented collection unit safely stacks the envelopes individually- without contacting each other making twisting or interleaving almost impossible.


Mitra – Automatic sheet stacker

The Automatic Delivery Mitra saves time and money – Many different kinds of single sheets, blanks, die cuts etc. can be stacked and buffered – up to 6 up production.

Perfect jogged stacks will be delivered onto a large buffer table.
Save costs automation throughout the delivery process
Inline production with digital printing machine possible
Version or book block separation
Can be integrated into an inline process (stacks can be delivered inline i.e. into a perfect binder…)

Omega – Web delivery

The omega web delivery has been specifically developed for efficient operation behind finishing lines. As production has to run as cost-effectively as possible, the delivery is an essential part of the whole installation. The omega receives the shingled stream out of the rotary trimmer. With two streams, two omega deliveries can be placed parallel, using the integrated and patented roller infeed table. On request, the products are pressed, discharged of static (so that a tidy stack can be formed), aligned and conveyed to the collection shaft. The products are passed neatly and reliably into the collection shaft, using the ingenious shingle stream stabilisers. The products do not simply fall there, but are guided in a controlled manner.

Products which can be processed:

  • Advertising leaflets
  • Mailings
  • Greeting cards
  • Signatures
  • Envelopes
  • Small catalogues

Cara – Envelope Delivery of large formats C5 – B4

The Cara Envelope Delivery, which delivers personalised envelopes from sizes C5 to B4 fully automatically, is one of a new generation of deliveries from Palamides. The most diverse sizes and types of envelopes are aligned, identified, stacked, labelled, strapped and delivered to a buffer table, all fully automatically. The whole process runs very efficiently and ensures that human intervention is scarcely necessary.

Using high quality components, together with innovative drive and transport technologies, guarantees reliability, even with the most diverse of formats and envelopes. Output is up to 10,000 envelopes/h. An extremely precise camera recognition system and the most modern of sensor technologies ensures that even the smallest of envelope bundles is assembled, strapped and delivered. As an option, the stack can also be cross-strapped. The finely tuned adjustments to the strap tension for diverse package heights also occurs fully automatically.


  • Envelope inserter
  • Addressing-system
  • Saddle stitcher
  • Shrink wrap machine

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  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs
  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs