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Services & Training

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your equipment running at it’s best with maximum uptime, while decreasing faults, breakages, and errors. ‘If you don’t schedule maintenance your equipment will do it for you!’.





Reactive Servicing

Get in touch fast, get it fixed fast: With or without a contract, our engineers will happily get to work and get you up and running as soon as possible. Get in touch for a no obligation quote.





Operator Training Courses

Investing in training for your staff is a highly cost-effective way of making the most of your machinery investment: Better performance, high quality products, faster changeovers and less breakdowns. Get in touch to find out more.





Spare Parts & Consumables

We carry over 10,000 part lines in stock available for same day delivery if required. All Friedheim parts are OEM (unless obsolete) and we’re happy to help you identify what you need via our helpline. Use our spare parts search tool to help narrow down what you need:



Machine Moves & Installation

With over 130 years experience, our engineers are stationed all over the UK & have extensive training on over 35 finishing machine brands. As well as installations, we can help safely transport your machinery, relocate internally or perform full refurbishments.





Health & Safety Checks

Keep your people and your business safe. Safety critical machinery such as guillotines require regular maintenance and safety checks – are you compliant?





Friedheim International offers a range of service packages designed to help spot problems before they occur, keep your machine up and running for longer, and can even reduce the need for spare parts. Coupled with training programmes to ensure your staff are getting the most out of the equipment, these packages are designed to improve your efficiency and productivity, and gain that competitive edge.


20% off Spares & Service: Single Friedheim machine contract 

All the perks of our Service Charter, but with 20% discount!

25% off Spares & Service: all Friedheim machines on contract

All the perks of our Service Charter, but with 25% discount!


Bespoke Extended Warranty

Includes all parts – Includes all call outs – Includes preventative maintenance – No matter how long the job takes, you pay the same price!

  • Get your equipment fixed
  • Our team
  • Health check offer
  • Individual Services
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Training
  • Our Service Charter
  • Non-Contract Servicing


Servicing & Maintenance


Call Now: 01442 206138 

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  • Authentic, Manufacturer Approved Parts
  • Manufacturer Certified Engineers
  • Trusted by over 1000 UK manufacturers

For a quick and comprehensive quote, please speak to our Service Desk on 01442 206138 or get in touch below


    Looking for something else? Try Our Extended Warranty Package

    Our service package:

    • Includes parts*
    • Includes all call outs
    • Includes preventative maintenance
    • No matter how long the job takes, you pay the same price!

    For a quick and comprehensive quote, please speak to our Service Desk on 01442 206138

    A combined 230 years of experience


    Friedheim employs only the best in its team of field service technicians. Our technicians have a wealth of experience in servicing, fault-finding and maintaining our range of products. Just as Friedheim’s philosophy is to combine quality people with quality products, so our services and training department combines the best in customer service and responsiveness with the best in field experience to ensure that whether it is an emergency callout or routine preventive maintenance, your machine is in good hands.


    Health Check

    Why not let our engineers carry out regular check-ups on your machine at a fixed price? Specifically tailored to your machine’s needs. Health Checks are also available as one-off services.

    Post-service set-up module

    The set-up module can be added to our “Preventative Maintenance Only”, “Full Service” or “Warranty ” agreements. It is a pre-arranged visit following the Machine Major Maintenance, and is carried out by our Technical Demonstrator with the purpose of restoring the Machine to its originally installed set-up. The Demonstrator completes a detailed checklist that includes roller adjustment, etc.

    For more information on our Health check service or for a cost breakdown please call our Service Desk on 01442206135 or email

    Here for you when you need us

    In many parts of the country we can offer a three-shift service, and our team will visit the remotest parts of the UK in order to keep our customers in production. Individual services are charged on an hourly basis or an agreed fixed charge.

    When you need on-site assistance – breakdown repairs, equipment moves, refurbishment – just call upon one of our highly qualified Friedheim Service technicians.

    Individual Services

    Service Repairs, and more

    Guillotine Safety Inspections

    To ensure the safety and productivity of your machines, a competent technician should regularly carry out a safety inspection of your guillotine. Available as an option to our Preventative Maintenance programmes, our Guillotine Safety Inspection module enables you to plan, budget and schedule these important visits. The module includes two visits a year. Our Safety Inspections are carried out in line with P.I.A.C. ‘Blue Book’ and ensure full conformity with Regulation 6 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. This service is performed by trained, competent and fully certified Friedheim technicians with a minimum of two years working experience on the guillotine.

    Belting Service

    Friedheim’s belting service can manufacture custom belts for ANY machine. Choose from many varieties of materials, colours and properties, flat or poly-chord – for any process you may need!

    Like NEW

    You can make your machine look as good as new with our touch up aerosol paint! We can also refurbish your machines.

    Washes, Lubricant’s and Fluids

    Call us NOW for your Roller wash, guillotine lubricants and other machine specific fluids.

    Machine Moves

    We also look after machine moves. Our technicians and Logistics partners have decades of experience, safely moving and installing machines from site to site.

    Please call us on 01442 206 144 regarding your specific requirements.

    Predictive Maintenance

    Keep on running with expert oversight

    Many people believe that reactive maintenance saves you money. React to a ‘minor’ breakdown as and when it happens and in the short-term you do pay less. But eventually there will be a major breakdown and major bills, especially if your machine is not regularly serviced by a qualified engineer.

    What are the advantages of predictive maintenance? Just like a car, regular expert predictive maintenance through servicing can…

    • Prevent major problems
    • Maintain the machine’s optimum performance
    • Help you save money
    • Protect your investments
    • Give you the confidence to meet your production requirements

    Friedheim Predictive Maintenance ensures efficiency for your brand new or ageing machines. What does our predictive maintenance program include?

    • Comprehensive checks
    • Greasing and cleaning
    • Lubrication and adjustment
    • Check for worn parts as per manufacturer’s specification for optimum performance
    • Identification of critical parts requiring immediate replacement


    Investing in training for your staff is a highly cost-effective way of making the most out of your investment – Friedheim International offers a range of training modules which can be tailored to your specific training requirements, to help you ensure that your workforce:

    • Has the correct skills for the job
    • Acquires greater knowledge for higher productivity
    • Can enhance the machine’s performance
    • Can improve workflow and optimise output

    We have standard on-site training packages, or take advantage of our Training and Predictive Maintenance Package discount offers.

    For up-to-date special offers please call 01442 206 138 and see how much you can save TODAY!

    Professional & Quality Service


    This Charter aims to provide the best service support we can deliver to our customers which should result in improved productivity, reliability, re-sale value and reduced wastage from the installed equipment.

    Principles of Application

    The aim of this charter is to set out arrangements that Friedheim, as a supplier and service provider to the Graphic Arts sector, follows to show the competence of our engineering support.

    Charter Requirements

    • Any engineer / trainer undertaking work is confirmed as being competent to work on the equipment to which they have been assigned. This compliance will either be in the form of formal certification or via a competence listing and including where appropriate electrical certification.
    • All engineers / trainers undertaking service work will have been trained by the manufacturer on current and older installed products and have the required experience on these products
    • To maintain the appropriate level of competence all engineers/ trainers will have access to up to date relevant manufacturer service information/ documentation in written and /or electronic form
    • All engineers/ trainers will use where required the appropriate calibrated and certified tools
    • All parts that are needed to be replaced during the service will be warranted as being fit for purpose by the Service Provider unless such parts are no longer manufactured.The Service Provider will use their best endeavours to obtain a suitable alternative should this  be necessary and advise the User before commencing this process.
    • All external contractors will have been assessed by the Service Provider that they have the necessary level of competence.
    • A service record detailing the work completed will be provided to the customer
    • Where any planned preventative maintenance is undertaken this will be completed in accordance with a set out schedule of work and recorded in the equipment service record
    • The Service Provider will undertake their best endeavours to advise the User of any design improvements that are available and when requested provide the necessary expertise to install these modifications
    • The Service Provider will have a Health and Safety Policy statement and detailed Safe Working Procedures / Method Statements covering the service work they complete onsite
    • The Service Provider will have current certification to ISO 9001:2015or equivalent internally controlled procedures which thereby shows their ongoing commitment to continuous improvement
    • The Service Provider will have current and appropriate levels of Public Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance

    For our charter requirements, please call our Service Department on 01442206135

    Flat Service Rate

    £99.75 per hour (working & travel time)


    • No mileage charges
    • No overtime Monday-Friday 6am-6pm
    • Rates apply to all machine types
    • Up to 25% discount on these rates (and parts) if a service contract is taken out
    • No hidden charges
    • No complicated bills