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Kohmann – carton converting & window patching

  • Over 20 different designs of window patching machine
  • Folder gluer for straight-line processing of boxes and CD/DVD sleeves
  • Custom-designed machines for specific applications
  • Robust built quality aids machine longevity and reliability
  • Touch screen control and memory function for time-saving operation

German manufacturer Kohmann has a first class reputation throughout the world as a leading supplier of machines for the carton converting industry including: – Window patching machines for carton blanks – Film sealing machines for Gable-top Cartons – Print inspection systems – Folding box gluing machines – CD/DVD tray placing machine – Delivery systems – Compact disc sleeve machines – Pre-feeders for carton blanks

  • Window Patchers
  • Folder Gluers
  • Carton Inspection

Servo Series

F-800 Servo, the ideal high speed machine for inline production

F-1120 Servo, the flexible all-purpose high speed machine

F-1440 Servo, for largest blank sizes, highest volumes at highest speeds

Kohmann window patching & lining machines are very easy to operate and to maintain and are made for high stress conditions. Besides the basic version Kohmann offer more than 20 different designs always suitable for various operations and expandability.

Universal series

F-1100 Universal II, the all-round machine

Whether you require a simple window on a standard blank or a more complicated “pick & place” process on high-quality board: Our design allows the use of all additional equipment, either installed in our factory or retrofitted at a later point in time.

Large cylinder diameters and compatible machine components guarantee high machine performance. Numerous sensors for quality assurance reduce downtimes and prevent interruptions in downstream process stages.

  • Short set-up times thanks to computer-aided setting assistance
  • Slide-out glue station
  • Direct drive on film infeed and cutting cylinder for shortest setting times
  • Various feeder concepts; option of stack or belt lifter system
  • Automatic setting of feeding length of the carton
  • Multi-purpose options available

F-1400 Universal II is the extra wide version of the F-1100.

Classic Series

Innovative technology combined with proven engineering offers the best in productivity and efficiency. Low investment costs and high processing performance guarantee future success. These principles guide the design of our window patching machines.

Short set-up times thanks to computer aided setting assistance
Various feeder concepts, choice of belt or rotary wheel feeder
Operator friendly thanks to data input via touch screen panel
Glue and film position can be adjusted during machine running
Multi-purpose options available


  • Tube forming station for production of inner tubes
  • Intermittent working length cutting or perforating unit
  • Punching and scoring device

Features for all Kohmann window patchers

  • New servo technology for the timed belt feeder
  • All cylinders are driven directly by servo motors
  • Glue unit with separate drive
  • Input and automatic adjustment of carton relevant dates are made via a large panel colour interface
  • Storage of more than 4000 carton data for repeat orders is possible
  • Advance and retard of the stereo cylinder to the carton is carried out from the operator side
  • Right/Left adjustment of the stereo cylinder is carried out from the operator side even with 2-stream operation
  • Max. 4-up operation possible
  • Larger size ranges for 2-up and 3-up operation
  • Micro-fine adjustments of board to glue and foil position whilst machine is running
  • Online maintenance via modem worldwide
  • Up to 2 streams possible
  • Operator friendly
  • High production quality
  • Minimal change-over times due to computer control
  • Computer-driven production control system with automatic adjustment
  • Maintenance free drive concept
  • The machine is accessible for adjustment and maintenance work
  • Infinitely variable delivery speed by separate drive
  • All-purpose due to the ability to add extra modular devices

Starlet 520/620

Ideal for processing straight line boxes, crash lock bottom boxes, double wall boxes and CD/DVD sleeves


  • Low space requirements
  • Durable design
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Easy format changes
  • Ideal for crash lock boxes due to pre-break of crease 1+3
  • High production output
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Designed for multi-shift operation


Folding Box Gluing Machine for CD/DVD-Sleeves.The MediaStar produces CD-/DVD-sleeves out of carton blanks. Also complicated blanks are precisely folded and glued in one single operation.


  • Practical systems for control and adjustments facilitate the perfect handling of the machine
  • Trombone section with optical counter
  • Marking device
  • Optical control of shingle stream switching the pressure belt on and off
  • Pressure belt is equipped with its own drive
  • Display for production speed, counter, pre-setting of marking mechanism
  • Feeder driven by independent drive
  • Potentiometer for step-less speed control


For efficient converting of pharmaceutical cartons. The ideal folding box gluing machine to manufacture folding boxes with Braille relief dots for small and medium sized production


  • Low space requirements
  • Durable design
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Easy format changes
  • Ideal for crash lock boxes due to pre-break of crease 1+3
  • High production output
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Designed for multi-shift operation

Special Equipments:

  • Crash lock bottom device
  • Upper nozzle gluing unit
  • Code reader, glue line detector







PrintChecker 450 – quality control of folding cartons and other print media

By means of the print inspection machine you are able to check the surface of folding cartons and other print media. Differences in colours, printing and in foil stamping as well as spots and typing errors compared to a scanned master will be recognized. Therefore, this machine is ideal for the control of packaging material for the pharmaceutical, tobacco and cosmetics industries as well as for high-quality food packaging.


  • Belt feeder with separate motor
  • Side register alignment section (optional)
  • Suction belt section with camera unit
  • Ejector unit for faulty blanks
  • Delivery in shingle-type with non-stop-control
  • Single lane

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