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STOCK – sheet fed laminators & board mounting machines

Sheet-to-sheet and roll-to-sheet laminating machines for different production format and size requirements
Special frame puzzle gluing and mounting machine – ideal for spot gluing and laminating
Pattern gluer and display gluing machine for pattern, edge and strip gluing of various substrates
Fully automatic litho labelling machine designed for spot or full sheet labelling of POP boxes and display items
Rotary knife sheeter and stacker system for handling single face corrugated sheets automatically

Renowned for the quality, accuracy and performance of its equipment, Stock supplies sheet-to-sheet laminating machines suitable for all types of corrugated and solid board production, Point of Sale advertising display materials and packaging processes

  • Mounting/Litho Laminating
  • Spot labelling machine
  • Display Gluer
  • Sheeting Machines
  • Specialty Machines

A Series / S Series / HP Series

Stock’s range of sheet laminators have been designed in response to market demands and create the opportunity for users to achieve a ‘value added’ production capability. Short make-ready times, coupled with quality production performance even at high speeds (up to 8000 sheets per hour), provide maximum flexibility for carton plants, sheet plants, trade finishers, etc.

All of the machines in the range are simple to operate, reliable and of modular construction, thus enabling even the basic model to be upgraded to a fully automatic version in stages by the addition of optional ‘extras’. Available working widths are 1250 mm, 1500 mm and 1650 mm, with a maximum sheet length of 2000 mm available on request. All Stock sheet laminators will also accept carton, solid, and single and double face corrugated for lamination to paper and paperboard in very close register.

LLM – Spot Labelling Machine

Adding litho printed labels to one or more panels of a pre-printed corrugated box is both an effective and cost-efficient alternative to direct printing and full mounting litho sheets.

The Stock automatic labeller is a compact, high-speed litho label laminator, especially designed for labelling corrugated sheets as well as carton blanks and other substrates, together with litho printed labels. In addition to the automatic machine, there is also a simple hand-fed spot labeller available. This manual machine can be fitted with a label feeder to aid the operator. Both blanks as well as already folded (flat) boxes (RSC’s) are suitable as substrate material.

The maximum blank size capable of being handled by the automatic machine is 1650 x 2100 mm, and on the manual machine it is 1250 x 2100 mm. The maximum label size is approximately 1200 x 1400 m

SFAM series – pattern/display gluing machine

This machine is suitable for finishing stand-up displays, show cards, trays, etc, by providing pattern, edge and strip gluing of various substrate blanks of corrugated and solid board. By using this display gluing and assembling machine, it is possible for a manufacturer of point of purchase display units to increase the rate of production using fewer personnel, maintain tighter control of quality, and also reduce delivery times.

This is a special machine for spot (pattern) gluing and folding of flat grooved blanks in order to produce folders, calendars, business reports, files, etc, as efficiently as possible. With a working width of 1050 mm, the machine incorporates a suction feeder, pattern (stencil) gluing unit, registration unit, as well as a folding unit. Available options include an angular device, pressure unit, circular knife unit, as well as an automatic bundle delivery.

The pattern gluer is equipped with a variable main drive motor and applies the glue spots to the blank with great accuracy. Lateral glue application presents no problems. Sheet mis-feed is detected by a sheet control and the counter pressure roller is lifted off accordingly to prevent glue being accidentally applied to it. The machine is available in working widths of 1500 mm and 1650 mm and a number of options for greater flexibility of operation are available.

SSRS Series – Rotary Knife Sheeter

For cutting single face corrugated and sold board this developed sheeter combines the latest drive technology with a high standard of mechanical engineering. The advantages of this sheeter over more conventional machines are due to the inclusion of two directly driven rotary knife cylinders, together with microprocessor control, that produce high cutting accuracy over the full cut-off range. Slitting knives are standard with the sheeter. Machines capable of providing three working widths are available: 1500 mm, 1650 mm and 1850 mm.

LithoLiner – reel fed inline/offline litho laminator

The Litholiner is an inline laminator that is a perfect solution for high production and high quality sheets. T he laminating process is realised without stopping the printed sheets. One of the key factors that makes the Litholiner a success is that it is suitable for running thinner printed sheets as well. Integrated into the machine, one can find the latest in drive and control engineering.


  • Performance up to 180 m/min
  • Automatic format changeover
  • Optional device available for sheeting and stacking just single face corrugated sheets
  • Sheet feeder for sheet-to-sheet corrugated sheets
  • Low energy consumption
  • Modules for remote trouble shooting

Specialty Machines

Special Machines for Producing Puzzles

Frame Puzzle Gluing and Mounting machine – with a working width of 350 mm, this machine is capable of gluing and mounting two blanks of the same size with high accuracy. A stereo (pattern) gluing unit applies glue, ie, stripes to the edges of the substrate blank only (like a frame). The cover sheet is fed automatically and both sheets together are accurately registered. The machine can be used, ie, for gluing two pieces of board together for producing frame puzzles.

Puzzle Shredder – this machine is designed for dividing the die-cut puzzle blanks. After being laminated and die-cut the puzzles have to be shredded (divided) into individual (single) pieces before being packed. The machine consisting of a conveyor belt, a pin roller for breaking the die-cut puzzle into the individual pieces, as well as a former, the machine is has a viable working width of 1300 mm

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