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Hunkeler Systeme: Waste Extraction & Evacuation

Hunkeler Systeme implement solutions in waste disposal logistics for recyclables such as paper, cardboard, foils, PET, wood, rubbish, etc. so that efficient management of waste is guaranteed. From the compact solution directly at the source to the integrated system solution to support the production processes. Hunkeler Systeme AG provides you with comprehensive expertise from a single source



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  • Shredding
  • Banknote destruction
  • Briquetting systems
  • Dedusting technology
  • Extraction Systems
  • Press containers
  • Balers
  • Air Cleaning



High-quality files / data protection or an optimal preliminary stage for the further processing of various materials such as paper, rubbish, wood, bulky goods, plastic, banknotes, etc. can be achieved with our shredding technology in a convenient and simple manner.



Cardboard shredder HKZ : 700/1100/1400

The reduction of transport costs, the reduction of the volume for feeding to existing press containers or balers as well as the shredding of the material for conveyor belt feeding are good reasons for the use of cardboard shredders. With the cardboard shredder HKZ, Hunkeler Systeme present a robust and absolutely process-reliable machine in several sizes.



Die Cut Waste Shredder SAZ

The Hunkeler SAZ die cut waste shredder shreds large-scale waste at the center breakout station of flatbed die cutters. The punching waste falls continuously through the feed chute, which is adapted to the production machine. These are crushed by the SAZ to a size of approx. 30 x 250mm. The shredded waste is taken over by the pneumatic conveyor system via a suction funnel. The shredder is on rollers and can be moved quickly and easily for set-up work on the punching machine. It is operated via a remote control, the position of which can be freely selected. An indicator light informs the operator of the operating status of the shredder. The product range includes two versions of the shredder in different widths, the SAZ 1200mm and the SAZ 1500mm.







Banknote & File Destruction

Customized solutions for the safe cancellation, destruction, suction and briquetting of banknotes, securities, passports, credit cards and other confidential documents:

  • Solutions for national banks
  • Control manager
  • Banknote puncher
  • Fully automatic document shredding
  • Fully automatic document shredding
  • Fully automatic document shredding
  • Granulator
  • Fully automatic document shredding
  • Paper shredder






Briquetting systems

The patented system of the hydraulic chamber briquette press enables a rational compression of various materials into briquettes of consistently high quality. The compact briquettes not only enable efficient disposal, but are an important step for optimal reprocessing. The diverse areas of application such as: aluminum, banknotes, abrasive sludge, metals, copper, paper, dust, etc. are captivating and ensure maximum compression thanks to sophisticated technology.

  • Briquetting – grinding sludge
  • Briquetting – metals
  • Briquetting – paper and cardboard

For Dust-Briquetting, please see Dedusting technology (Tab 3)


Dedusting technology

Dust-free processing increases the quality of your products. Increasing demands on product quality require efficient dust collection and extraction systems. Our dedusting solutions offer you higher product quality, less waste, less maintenance and higher machine availability.

  • Dedusting paper web PEM I-PEM
  • Dust removal sorting systems
  • Dedusting machines / processes


Hunkeler Compact Air Cleaner HKU

Viruses and dust particles caused by movement, production processes and air circulation are a well-known and unavoidableproblem in industrial buildings. The Hunkeler Compact Aircleaner is a multi-filter system with the most modern air technology. It ensures improved air quality and optimal air hygiene in closed rooms. The Aircleaner is ISO 16890 certified. Pre-, main, and exhaust filters are supplied. The built-in fan with the most modern EC-technology has an effectivity of up to 90% and needs no maintenance. Thanks to electronic monitoring and easy operation, the filters can be changed quickly and easily.






Dust Briquetting

Dust-free prodcution increases the quality of your product. Ever-increasing requirements on production quality demands an efficient dust-removal process. As a result, higher product quality, less waste, lower cleaning and finally improved maintenance costs are the result of the dedusting process.

The hydraulic Hunkeler briquetting press is perfect suitable for the compression of  dry materials such as paper dust, plastic, confetti, etc. The high level of compression (1:10 up to 1:15, depends on the kind of material) is achieved without additional water and other materials. The feeding happens by means of a separate material silo, which is arranged between briquetting press and filter. The machine consists of a stable backing material with oil hydraulic pressing fixture, 3 operating cylinders (fill, press and jam), compression area with pressing jaws in high-quality steel and hardened plunger. Pump and motor unit with three-phase motor, oil tank, control block and hose connections. 




The paper dedusting unit PEM and I-PEM removes the paper dust which adheres to the paper-web and which would also foul the follow-on machines and digital printer. It works with compressed air. The micro particles are removed contact-free from the paperweb and are then collected in the exhaust air bin. If the speed of the web is low, the laminar flow is activated, which creates an optimal operation independent from the speed of the web. The sharp air jet takes off the dust from the surface like a planer. As a result of the process, the paperweb is cleaned on both sides in one process.






Extraction Systems

Hunkeler Systeme is your partner wherever production waste arises, such as edge trimmings, punching waste, dust and intermediate cuts, but also in the processing of foils, packaging and cardboard boxes. Our system solutions are proven in the graphics industry as well as in computing and data centers. We are very familiar with the packaging industry with its diverse applications such as cardboard packaging and flexible packaging.

Hunkeler Compact Unit

The HKU device is very compact, mobile and works completely under negative pressure. The dust-containing air is cleaned in the filter unit and the dust is conveyed together with the sections in the container located below. The filter elements are cleaned automatically by means of an electromotive vibrating device. The ergonomic removal of the filled plastic bags makes operation very easy.

GreenLine Concept

When it comes to saving energy, every company can make its contribution and thereby win itself.

The key from Hunkeler Systeme:

  • Automatic on / off
  • Automatic switch-off for material separators
  • Energy saving system
  • Heat recovery
  • Energy management system
  • Energy efficiency analysis

Solutions that are proven to reduce your operating costs.



hunkeler systeme, waste extraction, system, hunkeler, print packaging

Press containers

In trade, commerce and restaurants, there is a lot of waste and packaging waste every day. Whether green waste, rubbish, paper or cardboard boxes, a modern container press helps to compress the garbage and prepare it for storage, transport and recycling. Efficient, powerful and safe presses save a lot of storage capacity and logistics costs. The containers can be loaded and transported immediately.

Different sizes and model variants available

Compact and space-saving versions also ensure high compression and a large capacity. Operation is simple, convenient and safe. Modern waste disposal technology is combined with proven working methods. The self-pressing containers are suitable for all conventional rolling vehicles. They can be set up flexibly and can be filled with a wide variety of residual and valuable materials. For residual waste, organic waste, cardboard, polystyrene, foil or plastic- All types of commercial waste can be perfectly pressed and compressed in the containers. Of particular note is the mobile usability of these containers. In contrast to stationary presses, they take up little space and can be set up wherever you need them. There are many areas of application for the presses. They can be operated efficiently and can be filled with all kinds of waste. The containers allow the sorting of recyclables and thus facilitate recycling. You reduce storage and disposal costs . Modern press containers are ideally suited for supermarkets, hospitals, old people’s homes, canteens, department stores, but also for trade and industry. Modernize your waste management with a container press.

Available container types:

  • Bulky waste press
  • Press container for skip loaders
  • Wet waste presses
  • Screw compressors
  • Press container hook holder
  • Stationary transfer station – residues
  • Stationary compression plant
  • Transfer systems
  • Stationary screw compressors





To reduce the volume of waste and compress it by up to 95 percent, you need a high quality baler . Compression saves space and makes it easier to store and transport waste. An automatic or manual press offers decisive advantages for recycling .

Areas of application in waste disposal technology

Modern waste disposal technology can be used to produce a valuable secondary raw material that can be reused. Corresponding presses are available for cardboard, paper, styrofoam and pet, ie for those packaging and waste materials that are typically produced in retail.

Compacting in the recycling process

Compacting is a crucial prerequisite for the recycling process. Sorted waste and packaging materials are compressed to a degree of compaction of 1:20 . The presses are suitable for foils, cardboard boxes, cans, PET bottles and many other secondary raw materials.

Vertical & horizontal balers

A distinction is made between vertical and horizontal balers . The vertical models are characterized by high performance. They achieve strong baling pressure and allow bale weights of up to 500 kilograms. The horizontal models can be easily combined with a tilting device for waste containers. They are ideal for trade and industry. Bale weights of up to 700 kg are possible.



Air Cleaning & Filtration

A primary factor of corporate responsibility is employee health. With the recent pandemic, much emphasis is placed on respiratory health, and this is where Hunkeler System is offering significant improvements to the work environment. The major risk directly from production environments is manufacturing dust and fibers made from machinery with moving parts and materials of a powdery or fibrous nature, this includes inks & coatings, papers, cardboards & fabrics, as well as some metal and plastic work. These cause several serious respiratory ailments as well as skin and eye conditions.

The Hunkeler Compact Air Cleaner ‘HKA’ is a low cost, low footprint solution to a critical issue. It is a free-standing, portable unit that uses a standard 230V connection and is offered in a range of four sizes, suitable for small or large manufacturing spaces. The Air Cleaner does exactly what it says, pulling dirty, dusty air in from the environment and cleaning it via a filter system. The filters are certified to ISO16890 and can trap dust, fibers, pollen, smoke, bacteria, viruses and similar allergens -keeping air quality to FFP2-3 standards (with other filtration options available). The powerful fans are able to clean 10,000 cubic meters of air per filter system while operating quietly and efficiently, drawing just 750 watts/hr. This is possible due to ultra-modern, maintenance-free fans.

Download the Air Cleaning Brochure here:

hunkeler, waste extraction, dust extraction, air cleaning, shredding, document destruction

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  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs
  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs