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KBA Duran – specialist folder-gluers for the carton & converting industries

With KBA Duran Machinery’s commitment to innovative design, high quality manufacturing, competitive pricing, and highly efficient and customer oriented after-sales services, OMEGA folder-gluers continue to successfully meet and exceed the production requirements of the most demanding carton and corrugated packaging producers around the world.

In addition to the six standard series of OMEGA folder-gluers featuring different specifications and ancillary equipment, Duran Machinery is also able to provide R&D services to meet specific production requirements, ranging from unique packaging designs to manufacturing innovative tailor-made ‘bespoke’ systems.

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  • OMEGA Allpro
  • Omega Intro
  • New Omega Alius
  • OMEGA Magnus
  • Omega PreFeeder
  • Omega Performa
  • Ancillary Equipment

OMEGA Allpro

35 – 55 – 70 – 90 – 110 – 130 – 145 – 165

Handling a wide range of substrates from carton board to corrugated, OMEGA Allpro folder-gluers are extremely versatile and capable of producing the most complex range of carton styles, as well as minimising make-ready and maximising productivity and profitability.

Available in nine sizes from 35 to 185 cm widths, Allpro folder-gluers are capable of producing straight line, double wall, crash lock and optional 4 & 6 corners with single finger servo back-fold system, as well as inner partition, Z-fold, conical crash lock and CD boxes, at a maximum belt speed of 400 m/min.

OMEGA Allpro folder-gluers have standard motorised or motorised with memory versions available. They can be equipped with the OMEGA Turnpro, OMEGA Nick Breaker and OMEGA Ejection Section, as well as the OMEGA Pre-Feeder and OMEGA Pack Station. Furthermore, all Allpro folder-gluers can be customised to meet the requirements of special projects.

Omega Intro

Intro 110

The new OMEGA Intro 110 has been specifically designed as a high quality budget machine and as a reliable profit centre for its user(s). Featuring all of the well-known OMEGA build qualities, the Intro 110 is capable of producing straight line, crash lock, double wall and 4-corner boxes, as well as CD/DVD sleeves and ‘French fries’ cartons – to name but a few. It has a maximum belt speed of 300 m/min.

There are also a number of optional features available for the OMEGA Intro 110 folder-gluer that enables it to produce the following: Z-fold, inner partition, conical crash lock and 6-corner boxes – all at a maximum belt speed of 400 m/min.

The DURAN Alius

The new benchmark for specialist folder gluers

Available in three sizes, 70, 90, 110, the Alius is fully servo driven with a top belt speed of 600m/min. It features intelligent set-up that calculates and automatically implements all machine settings from the carton design without operator involvement. It also stores all settings for future repeat work.

Duran has also developed its own machine screening system that allows the user to monitor production from external devices like a tablet or mobile phone. Compatible with Industry 4.0, Alius shares data via its OPC UA platform which allows its current production to be screened from any web browser.

Machine screens include operator help content for easy troubleshooting. It also includes a continuous factory link for remote operator support when required. The new Alius also offers easy integration with other ancillary systems.

. Given its maximum speed of 600m/minute, it demands integration with pre-feeders and fully-automated packers to run this gluer at its full capacity. In addition to its regular pre-feeder, Duran also offers a turn-over pre-feeder as well as the well proven Omega Pack.

The contemporary design of the Alius gluers is based on a 30mm solid steel frame and easy set-up features that were designed with input from Duran’s technical team combining their worldwide experience.


  • Advanced memory system with 27 different points
  • Full servo control
  • Intelligent automatic set-up with calculation from carton drawing
  • New generation electronics with state of the art controls and safety management
  • Compatible with Industry 4.0
  • Data sharing on OPC UA
  • Continuous link for remote support
  • Full operator support on interface
  • Easy integration to ancillary systems
  • High speed
  • High productivity
  • Contemporary design

OMEGA Magnus

Magnus 170 – 210 – 230

The OMEGA Magnus is a specialty folder-gluer intended for corrugated production and available in three sizes: 170 – 210 – 230. The Magnus has a maximum belt speed of 300 metres per minute and is capable of processing E, B, C and double wall board, utilising a servo back folding system with a single finger for 4 and 6 corner styles, as well as being able to handle standard straight line and auto bottom functions.

The OMEGA Magnus is a sturdy folder-gluer constructed with 3 cm solid steel frames. Its feeder has an extendable rack gear for oversized blanks and it also has a vacuum transfer system. Equipped with belt adjustment on 10 feeder belts, the Magnus has dual feed gates with extra pile supports, ensuring accurate feeding.

Pre-fold and final fold sections incorporate pneumatically controlled and independently driven upper carriers, a long final fold unit, motorised adjusting folder belts, a pneumatic squaring device at the final fold for squaring crash lock bottom boxes, delivery and stacker sections with heavy duty trombone unit, and a down stacker which is a rear box squaring device with front edge control gauges on the stacker. All carriers on the Magnus are motorised.

Like all OMEGA’s, the Magnus is a user-friendly machine which features carrier motor control buttons on both sides, a colour monitor on the feeder for surveying delivery, an additional control board at the end of delivery, and remote control. The OMEGA Magnus is also available in a ‘memory’ version.

Omega PreFeeder

The OMEGA Pre-Feeder is an independent machine for smooth and high speed blank feeding cardboard and corrugated material into folder-gluers. The Pre-Feeder has a wide range of available models: 55 – 90 – 110 – 145, works in synchronisation with the main processing line, and can be integrated to operate with all types of folder-gluers.

Omega Performa

Performa 130 – 145 – 165

Presented in three sizes: 130, 145 and 165 cm widths, the very efficient and economical OMEGA Performa folder-gluers produce straight line, double wall, crash lock and optional 4 & 6 corners with single finger servo back-fold system, as well as inner partition, Z-fold, conical crash lock and CD boxes at a maximum belt speed of 300 m/min.

OMEGA Performa folder-gluers also have motorised or motorised with memory versions available as an optional extra.

OMEGA Performa Plus 80 – 110

Similar in layout and functionality to the OMEGA Performa but in different sized widths of 80 and 110 cm, the OMEGA Performa Plus folder-gluer also includes an automatic Bottom unit as a standard feature.

A number of options are available to enhance the flexibility and production capabilities of the OMEGA Performa Plus, and these include a Servo Back Folding System for 4 & 6 corner boxes, as well as motorised or motorised with memory versions.

Ancillary Equipment

  • OMEGA Ejection Section
  • OMEGA Nick Breaker
  • OMEGA PACK Automatic Packer
  • OMEGA Pack Station
  • OMEGA Pre-Feeder
  • OMEGA Turnpro

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  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs
  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs