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Hunkeler – Powerful Systems for digital paper processing

Hunkeler develops and supplies innovative solutions for continuous feed paper processing throughout the digital print process: Modular, high-performance systems that present the paper to the digital press and then further process the printed paper through to the end product. Completely integrated systems are produced in close partnership with the leading digital press manufacturers. Centrally controlled, these systems guarantee the highest productivity, flexibility and process reliability.

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Roll to Roll Solution

The Hunkeler roll to roll solution with different configurations for continuous feed digital presses. High speed Hunkeler unwinders and rewinders ensure effcicient, productive downstream processing in the transactional, direct mail, print-on-demand and packaging segments, coupled with inserters and other finishing systems.

Roll to Fan Fold Solution

The modular Hunkeler roll to fan-fold solution with optional punching and perforating. This efficient workflow solution can reduce paper and logistics costs in digital print and mailijng inserting environments. Reliable, inline high-speed operation with continuous feed printing systems in a space saving package with modular options that include a stack cart system, high capacity stacker, and web inspection.

Roll to Stack Solution

High performance Gen8 finishing line for the roll to stack production with CS8 cutting module, seperation module and LS8 stacking module. Web widthsof 22.5inches will be processed at 590ft/min. DynaCut function for variable-format production allows cut-off length changes while running. Gen8 technology is ready for future printing speeds. Reliable processing of demanding products in full colour on coated and uncoated standard paper, from lightweight to heavy-weight grammages. The new Hunkeler Workflow Manager provides user-friendly and convenient operation of the production line.

Mailing production with web folder

Production of direct mail and a self-mailer from pre-printed roll to folded end-product at a web speed of up to 180 meters per minute. Mail pieces are dynamically perforated in both lateral and longitudinal direction using a DP8 dynamic perforator with optional punching. The paper web is linear fold, registered superimposed in a WF8 web folder. A CS8 cutting module performs cross-web chip-out before the sheets are presented in-line to the folding machine. The compact new WI8 web inspection system employs ste-of-the-art CIS technology(compact image censor) for quality monitoring (colour,register,codings,variable data, etc.) while production is in process. The new Hunkeler Workflow Manager makes job setup, operation and monitoring of the production line centralized and convenient. Production line with modules from the latest Gen8.

Roll to Stack Solution with Coater

The PC7 primer coater module brings new value to printed documents by making sheets more inkjet receptiveor adding post-press gloss. This innovative solution is designed for pre-print treatment of the paper aplication(priming) and varnishing (coating). Dpending on the intended use, the PC7 is integrated either before or after the digital printing process. Offline configurations are also possible. In coating applications, the PC7 module can be used for the full-surface coating of the paper web with a water based coating agent following the printing process. The web can be coated on one or both sides (simplex/duplex, depending on the application). Change over is completed by the operator, the cleaning is done automatically.

Premium Quality direct mail production with the latest generation of machines

Producing first class, four-colour printed mailings even on coated paper from the roll to the cut and folded end product. Dynamic punching, vertical and cross perforation is performed in the DP8-II-P punching and perforating module. The double cross cutting cylinder in the CS8 cutting module produces full-bleed documents. the cross cutting can be equipped with either two knives for variable chip-out, or with one cutting knife and one perforating blade to produce dynamic folding perforations. The integrated WI8 Web Inspection System based on the latest high-speed CIS technology for high end quality and integrity control.

Newspaper Broadsheet Solution

This pioneering response to current industry challenges addresses a number of different issues, icluding decreased newspaper circulation, reduced advertising volume, greater competition, and a need for increasingly timely and localised news. The innovative concept underlying this technology allows th4e geographically independant production of up-to-date newspapers, digitally printed in the well established broadsheet format. The Drum Collator DC7 collates the duplex printed sheets of various size. The papers leave the collating module as an electrostatically-fixed stack into the bucklefolder.

Newspaper Production

New productionline for newspaper on demand in broadsheet and tabloid format. Production of broadsheet newspapers with multiple topic-specific sections in variable number of pages and tabloid newspapers up to 140 pages in 4 page steps. Avilable as an offline configuration or inline with digital printing systems. Fully Automatic changeover from broadsheet to tabloid newspapers and automatic variable cutoff length for different newspapers. That allows the production of mixed newspaper stacks based on distribution routes including stack address labelling. The combination of flexility and high automation allows the production of the smallest production batches of different newspapers ready to ship in the shortest time possible. No extensive mailroom is needed because the number of produced newspapers per hour can be handled and optionally bunled/packaged by the same line operator. Beside newspapers, the system is also capable to produce spine glued inserts, newspaper supplements or booklets and with that utilize the production capacity optimally in off-peak hours.

Loose Leaf Book Block Production with Roll to Stack Line

The Modular Hunkeler roll to stack solution for stacked sheet output with continuous feed digital printing systems. Innovative ono-stop stacker with rotary single cut sheeter or variable chip-outdouble cutter for full bleed products. For example, cleanly offset-stacked sheets can be output for further downstream processing, such as perfect binding. Loose sheet offset stacks from 1-up to 4-up production.

Roll to Sheet – Book Signature Solution

Roll-to-roll high performance production. On the fly roll change on the new RS8 Roll Splicer and new TR8 Turret Rewinder. Designed for web speeds of up to 243m/min. Non-stop roll change in a wide variety of paper weights ranging from 50 to 300gsm. Increase in productivity of up to 30% compared to manual roll change, depending on print speed and roll length. Non-stop feature and paper waste depending on printer model.

Production of high quality softcover and hardcover books

In-line premium quality book production from the printed roll. Paper is web-fed using a UW6 unwinder and on a new ‘Generation8’ CS8-I Cutter. The Universe Web performs several processes on-the-fly : scoring, folding, collation of folded sheets in 8-, 12-, 16-pages or more to create the signature and sewing. Downstream the Inline, multifunctional back gluer performs the hardcover preparation with the application of end sheets and gauze, with dynamic adaptation according to the book thickness, or paperback production with the application of the softcover. The line is completed by the three-knife trimmer, Trimming, that features automatic size change without changing parts.

Security Features with Laser HL8

The HL8 is the ideal solution for high-security punching and perforating applications, for example, cheques, coupons and mailings, roll-fed from the UW6 unwinding module. Production capacity up to 150m/minute in 1-up or 2-up mode. Fully dynamic, customized punch and perforation patterns are possible by directly importing native CAD/CAM system data. The laser editor makes it even simpler and more efficient preparation and management of the laser pattern in production environments. The HL8 can process both a continuous paper web and paper sheets. The unique design even allows both possibilities to be processed in one module. This means that there are no limits to production flexibility.


  • Hunkeler Video learn area for Work Flow Manager HWM, Service, Web Inspection and Tracking
  • Hunkeler Gen8 cut-stack line with new B2 size Stacker LS8-30
  • High speed Hunkeler book block line.
  • Offline Horizon perfect binder
  • Inline book production with Hunkeler Flyfolder inline into Müller Martini binder
  • High speed Hunkeler direct mail line with new single web folder WF8
  • New Hunkeler DocuTrim – Universal Sheet Finishing System

Direct mailings with dynamic perforation on Gen8 combi line

Production of a direct mailing with coupons and reply cards included. Production from the paper roll (UW8) to a Horizon buckle folder.

High-performance book production

High-performance production line for book blocks with variable number of pages and formats. Web speed of 200 meters per minute. Up to 3,350 book blocks in DIN A5 format with 96 pages per hour. Infeed of a paper web of up to 762 mm in width off a UW7 unwind module.

Flyfolder: Up to 900 book blocks per hour in a print run of one

Further developed FB6 Flyfolder production line for book block production with a print run of one. Speed increased significantly to 130 meters per minute compared to predecessor. Integrated in workflow with fully automatic control for on-the-fly change from four-sided to six page signatures. Variable number of pages (book thickness) and changing spine length from book to book controlled dynamically. SHOW LAUNCH

Sheet processing on Hunkeler DocuTrim

New modular Hunkeler DocuTrim universal sheet processing system. Sheet finishing of mailing products and transaction documents. Up to 10,000 SRA3 sheets per hour. Cutting and dynamic perforations, both lengthwise and crosswise on the sheet format.

Hunkeler Control Platform, Control & Tracking solutions with new Site Manager

The Hunkeler Control Platform (HCP) is a total solution for planning, controlling and monitoring digital production line processes, from web inspection and control & tracking through to centralized monitoring of multi-site production (Site Manager). The modular system design enables customized, user-specific solutions.

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