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New technology, new services – same Friedheim

Friedheim will be the exclusive sales, service & spares agent for Willy A. Bachofen AG, Switzerland (WAB) in the UK from 1. February 2021. WAB is the undisputed specialist in wet milling technology and in dry mixing technology with its worldwide renown brands DYNO®-MILL, TURBULA® and dyna-MIX®.

After a century of helping keep your finishing machines up and running across print & publishing, banking, pharmaceutical, FMCG and e-commerce markets, Friedheim are delighted to take another step into high quality production technology.

The DYNO®-MILL range are world leading agitator bead mills which grind materials to targeted particle sizes; responsible for the production of all types of paints, inks, pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetics, food supplements, extraction of biological raw materials, agrochemicals, engineering materials and many other processes.

The TURBULA® and dyna-MIX® machines process mainly powdered components, producing mixtures of extremely high homogeneity – achieving high specificity, high accuracy results in both lab and production environments.

WAB products are sold worldwide through their own subsidiaries and independent agencies. For more than 80 years, WAB has stood for quality and reliability. They have delivered more than 25,000 machines to over 12,000 satisfied customers worldwide who trust in the technology and successfully use the machines in the most varied applications.

Machine components are produced in the WAB Muttenz plant in Switzerland using state-of-the-art, multi-axis machine tools. Precision is a prerequisite and a guarantee for the trouble-free functioning of their highly calibrated products. It enables them, and us, to provide our customers with spare parts of consistent high quality.

Existing WAB customers are encouraged to get in touch for optimal business continuity. For more information, please contact Friedheim International on 01442 206100 or via email ‘info@friedheim.co.uk’

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