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PATIENCE PANS OUT – Friedheim makes the journey to WAB HQ

As you may know, Switzerland is our home from home. With manufacturer relationships dating back more than a century, we’ve been going to and from Lucerne & Wikon on a regular basis since the dawn of commercial flight.

But this time we went to Basel! Willy. A. Bachofen (WAB) is the global leader of Mixing, Milling & Grinding machinery from laboratory level to industrial manufacturing, for whom Friedheim have had the privilege of distributorship for 18 months. In this time, Friedheim has installed over 20 machines.

Due to the obvious travel restrictions, our usually well-travelled path to Switzerland was sealed off and our company visit to WAB had to wait.


                   ‘WORTH THE WAIT’

Touching down in Basel Tuesday morning, some pastries in hand, the Friedheim team had a short train ride to Muttenz, Basel where WAB’s leadership awaited at their global headquarters – one of over 50 locations around the globe. A site tour commenced – the facilities which house the comprehensive production, stock, offices, and R&D construed more of a small village. The sophistication of technology, innovation of application, and utter professionalism makes a lasting impression and a goes a-way to explain their success over the last few decades.

On the agenda were marketing plans & growth strategies, new markets & new developments, and of course to put faces to names after a year and half wait.

The labyrinth of development rooms and quality checking areas gave a clear message – WAB has made huge investment in their manufacturing and production capabilities, and this is reflected in the end user market – the industry favourite brand is going from strength to strength.

With applications ranging from pharmaceutical & biological, inks & coatings, to space & aeronautical, battery development & nanotechnology, the ripples of WAB technology touch everyone on the planet.

Although a fair step from Friedheim’s historical core market of print finishing, Friedheim shares the same track record of success and passion for state-of-the-art technology & engineering excellence. This opens new doors for Friedheim and we look forward to enjoying our mutual success for years to come.


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