WAB impact reactor thermal bead mill
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The WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® stands as a groundbreaking, inductively heated agitator bead mill reactor – designed for continuous mechanochemistry. The inductive heater surrounding the stirring instruments allows for direct and highly efficient heating of reactants up to +160°C. As such the impact beads in the reactor chamber ensure a consistent and powerful mechanical energy input, promoting excellent surface renewal of the reactants. As a result, the chemical reaction’s yield is significantly improved, while the need for hazardous solvents is reduced, leading to optimized production costs.

A remarkable feature of the WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® is its scalability, offering an accurate and logical transition from mg/h to t/h on an industrial scale. By introducing this innovation, WAB provides a sustainable method for synthesizing chemicals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), reflecting the company’s commitment to environmental consciousness.

WAB impact reactor thermal bead mill

Environmental consciousness is an enveloping factor, not only being a tenet of WAB’s approach to technological innovation, but as an essential goal of the wider industries they serve. The ‘Safe & Sustainable By Design’ approach to synthesising new and existing chemicals is a global initiative to address a number of critical issues:

  • Environmental Preservation: Prioritizing ‘safe and sustainable by design’ ensures products and technologies have minimal negative impacts on the environment, conserving natural resources and reducing pollution for the entire lifecycle of a product and its applications.
  • Human Health and Safety: Incorporating safety considerations early in design phases minimizes potential risks and hazards, making products safer for consumers and workers.
  • Long-Term Viability: Sustainable designs focus on durability and longevity, resulting in products with a longer lifespan and reduced waste generation.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Embracing this initiative showcases ethical and environmentally conscious corporate practices, enhancing transparency and accountability for the whole supply chain.
  • Cost Savings and Innovation: Sustainable design practices lead to improved resource efficiency, lower energy consumption, and reduced waste, driving innovation and providing cost savings for businesses.


The IMPA°CT REACTOR® is WAB’s latest innovation in the field of mechanochemistry. An inductive heater arranged around the stirring elements enables direct and efficient heating of the reactants up to +160 °C.
Together with the impact beads located in the reactor chamber, the WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® is a ground-breaking, user friendly and application-specific apparatus for molecular synthesis by means of mechanochemistry.

Conventional batch processes can be replaced by a continuous process. The newly developed WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® enables faster, more selective and novel reactivities. Industrial scale-up from g/h to tons/h is also available.


Researchers have proven the great advantages of mechanochemistry over conventional production processes. The conversion into industrial applications has not yet taken place because no suitable and scalable equipment was available. The WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® closes this gap: it applies mechanical energy by bead milling, enables in-situ heating, pressure activation in continuous flow and is scalable to industry requirements.
Working with a WAB DYNO®-MILL suited for mechanochemistry allows you to apply different reaction times with one or more pre-mixtures. It conserves valuable raw materials by reducing the necessity of cleaning between each trial and allows you to control and log important process parameters such as product temperature and energy input.


THE WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® with a horizontal reaction chamber is a tool for an effective mass transportation and efficient activation of a chemical reaction. It can be used for liquid and viscous pumpable products and heterogenous catalysts, combining the three impact technologies in one reactor:

  • The patented DYNO®-DISC BC agitator discs
  • The DYNO®-DISC KD agitator discs

Together with the impact beads, this technology guarantees a high and uniform mechanical energy input and surface renewal of the reactants. Additional to the application of endothermic processes, it can also be used for exothermic reactions due to its excellent cooling properties.


For the past 8 years, the Best of Industry Awards has been a prestigious platform allowing companies from various sectors to showcase their latest advancements. What sets these awards apart is that the participants face judgment from the most discerning jury—the industry professionals themselves. Being part of this competition is a source of immense pride for WAB and their agents, as it signifies being among the industry’s leading innovators.

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