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Brand new precision mixing apparatus have been supplied to three universities in the UK – The WAB Turbula range being the educational standard and foundational to upscaling of successful research.

Robert Gordon University, Newcastle University, and Imperial College London all become the latest to invest in WAB research grade equipment. From creating powders for chemical analyses to refining raw materials for investigation, milling and mixing equipment play a pivotal role in educational lab settings.

Universities install milling, grinding & mixing equipment in their labs as a fundamental component of research, which in turn are fundamental to their own respective industries where skills and specific knowledge sets are hard to come by. WAB mills enable the precise reduction of substances into smaller, more manageable particles, ensuring uniformity and reproducibility in these research protocols, while the mixers achieve even distribution of individual substances to a precisely defined level of homogeneity.

Educational / Commercial relationships are critical in many vocations such as inks & coatings, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, energy, and nanotechnology research fields. These relationships become even more important as research scalability is essential and expertise is hard to employ – this is where WAB technologies become significant pieces of the puzzle.

Across a huge range of disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering – these tools facilitate the customization of material properties, allowing researchers to modify characteristics like particle size and distribution. The versatility of milling and grinding equipment also accommodates a broad spectrum of vertical industries, stretching from education to aerospace, marine, defence, pharmaceutical and more. Eventually WAB equipment is used to scale formulations and achieve efficient manufacturing protocols, where larger more industrial units are required.

WAB sits proudly as the first advent to Friedheim’s new Scientific division, being led by new addition to the Friedheim team; Nima Rezaie PhD – Sales & Business Development Manager.


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  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs
  • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs