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Darren Crane – Sales Director

2021 saw an exciting addition to the Friedheim team, in the form of a new Sales Director – Darren Crane was been appointed to facilitate growth and expand horizons for the company as we approach our 140th anniversary.

Coming from one of the southern hemisphere’s largest communication businesses, Darren has extensive experience in print, data and marketing technology. He brings a wealth of competence in sales leadership and a demonstrated track record of success in the graphic arts and communications industries.

Darren has an established position in the industry’s global stage, so as well as expansion into emerging markets, this new appointment will help Friedheim navigate the changing landscapes ahead and bring new business to the company. Darren held positions in operations at IVE Group before becoming Sales Director, spending several years with one of Australia’s fastest growing companies of the 21st century. 

Darren is passionate about business & technology, and is fascinated by the mechanisms of production, be it F1, wine, coffee or print – so as Darren joins the team at Friedheim’s Hemel Hempstead Head office, we look forward to a renewed outlook and to benefit from his eye for innovation.

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