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face mask production on a a beck serienpacker, ppe, packaging, form shoulder, automatic

Making big new strides in the face mask product category is Screenworks, based in Suffolk.

The company was established in 1991 with a large portion of their work being garment decoration for the promotion industry.

During this period of downturn for many, the hustle and bustle continues for Screenworks; running 40 hour shifts each day five, days a week. Operators here cover four screen printers, seven SWF embroidery machines, as well as two heat presses, folding machines and driers.

The breakthrough products helping fuel success at Screenworks is the innovative Bumpaa Anti-Viral facemask and snood – treated with ‘ViralOff® technology’. ViralOff® causes a 99% reduction of viruses in a textile or material, over two hours*, according to a standard ISO18184:2019 test. The anti-viral properties of the product, including the long-lasting nature of the treatment, mean it can be reused and not end up in landfill. The ViralOff® technology has been tested against Influenza A, it has achieved a reduction result in excess of 99%. Efficacy tests continue.

High demands mean high production speeds, it is here Friedheim was able to help. The Serienpacker S1750XJ from Beck Packautomaten is capable of the consistent high speeds necessary to bag 600,000 masks without breaking a sweat. Afterwards, it can fit perfectly on the end of Screenworks automated folding line. And if the success with the Bumpaa brand continues, it will keep the Beck occupied for a while to come.

face mask production on a a beck serienpacker, ppe, packaging, form shoulder, automatic

The Beck should be continually occupied for the foreseeable future, with increasing demand for face coverings. The Bumpaa mask and snoods were developed in response to the need for more environmentally friendly and comfortable protective garments, as it will help reduce waste, save medical PPE for the NHS and support the growing necessity for face coverings.

The Beck machine’s superior build quality and speed of bagging were determining factors for selection by Screenworks. The Serienpacker sets up quickly and can manage over 1,800 items an hour with a uniform precision – necessary for quick supply of demand. The machine was confidently supplied by Friedheim at the start of June within just a week of enquiry.

Alan Porter, operations director at Screenworks, comments: “We have seen fast-paced, high demand for our Bumpaa masks and snoods since their launch.

“The Beck machine has played a great part in facilitating this demand. It has helped us reduce packaging time, to ensure orders are met on time, thus supporting significant output of these important products during this critical period.”

* Per ISO test ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2) (Influenza A)



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