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Wohlenberg (Gathering)

  • Modular concept offers choice of off-line stand-alone operation, or in-line attached to a perfect binder
  • Functional design with low working height and clearly laid out working arrangement benefits operators
  • Incorporates ‘Winjector’ vacuum handling technique for increased productivity
  • All main functions controlled by touch screen diagnosis terminal
  • Universal double gripper system for separating sections or single sheets without any adjustments
  • Added versatility through range of options including criss-cross delivery for pre-gathering of products
  • Sprinter
  • Streamer


Tried and tested machine building, combined with a modern, modular design, as well as the latest development features for vacuum generation, recommend the Wohlenberg  Sprinter range (comprising s, sXL, e and eXL versions) as gatherers that provide an optimal cost/performance ratio. The machine is designed to be used either as a stand-alone unit or linked to a Wohlenberg perfect binder. The XL versions cover a larger format range and can be equipped with up to 32 stations.

For vacuum generation a new system is applied to Wohlenberg gathering machines: the Winjector: The Winjector is an extremely compact suction pump system for vacuum generation inside the suction module of the respective magazine. Based on the multi-step ejector principle the vacuum is locally generated from compressed air.

Optional system extensions for Sprinter s and sXL:

  • Drive belts in magazine
  • Image control barcode reading
  • Universal criss-cross delivery
  • Manual feeding station with 1 or 2 pockets
  • Electric disengaging clutch

With the e and eXL versions of the Wohlenberg Sprinter gathering machine, the low height, clearly laid out arrangement and functional design represents a visible expression of modern mechanical engineering, without disregarding technical reliability. In this machine the double gripper system and upright product transport are combined with state-of-the-art electronics and the latest development of vacuum generation.

Optional system extensions for Sprinter e and eXL:

  • Drive belts in magazine
  • Image control barcode reading
  • Universal criss-cross delivery
  • Automatic rejection
  • Changeover to half-drum speed to reduce the separating speed
  • Manual feeding station with 1 or 2 pockets
  • Electric disengaging clutch


The Wohlenberg Streamer gatherer is based on a new machine concept that is noteworthy for its a high degree of modularity, flexibility and accessibility. This ensures that the Streamer will continue to meet process demands even in the event of changing future requirements. Outstanding performance features of the new machine include smooth running operation and quick and easy handling, both during set-up and on-going production.

The individual feeders are designed as an interchangeable system capable of being separately equipped with a vertical sheet feeder, card gluer, block feeder or similar devices. New dynamic drive technology allows the drive of the feeders, as well as the transport channel, to be simply disconnected. The combination of a shock-free product transfer from magazine into transport channel on an even level, and the products being accelerated in the running direction, ensures high production performance. Gentle product handling is also guaranteed. Due to the changed running direction – from left to right – the ‘right-hand brochure page’, highly favoured for advertising purposes, is easily accessible in the machine. This way further finishing processes, such as e.g. the affixing of cards and CDs, can be integrated.

With the inclusion of ‘Winspector’ Wohlenberg provides, for the first time, a high performance camera system for combined print image recognition and barcode reading that ensures almost faultless misfeed sheet recognition, even in the case of difficult products. The Winspector is a self-learning system that is automatically activated during the machine set-up, identifying the best position for image recognition.  Also for the first time Wohlenberg can provide a stacker pile delivery. A particular feature of this product is the servo-controlled drop boards. A minimised transfer height guarantees gentle product handling.

Optional system extensions for the Streamer:

  • Manual feeding station with 1 or 2 pockets
  • Feeding station as block feeder
  • Feeding station as card and label dispenser
  • Feeding station as sample dispenser
  • Delivery/reject gate
  • Print image control

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