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Shawpak are a subsidiary of Riverside Medical Packaging, who over the last 35 years have established themselves at the forefront of the medical industry.

Revolutionary new way of thermos forming
Able to utilise a large range of films
Application usage almost infinite due to the nature of the way the Shawpak thermoforms the package
Small footprint compared to all other thermoformers
Huge range of tooling options for any eventuality – able to manufacture bespoke tools for specialist products
Designed, manufactured and built in the UK

The shawpak process is inherently simple, but the machines comprehensive control system, combined with superb mechanics, gives the shawpak the ability to produce thermoformed packs under the strictest control and to the most demanding specifications.

Its ability to process many wide ranging materials is second to none with output cycle speeds up to 25 per minute on flexible packs. The compactness of the machine and its true portability are unlike any other thermoformer currently available.

Key attributes are amazingly compact, portable, flexible, energy efficient and above all, very competitively priced. With its tiny size and flexible layout, it means that it can be configured in many ways to suit the customer’s requirements regardless of size, shape, industry and application.

This method means no gripper chains and no trim, leading to much less maintenance, contamination and down-time. Coupled with this, the product is placed into the mould that creates the form, meaning no blister edges can ever be trapped in the seal.

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