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Audion Elektro – Economic shrink wrapping & film wrapping.

Stand-alone shrink wrapping machine range
Automatic and semi-automatic models
Excellent build quality and durability
Compact, space-saving design
Models with incorporated shrink tunnel
Best value for money shrink wrap machine solutions
Mobile units for greater flexibility

  • Semi/Automatic Shrink Sealers
  • L-Sealers
  • Hoodshrink Machines

CS-Matic automatic shrink sealer

This new automatic shrink sealer works with a continuous side sealer and a longitudinal intermittent sealing system that has at least 3 indisputable advantages:

Unlimited length of product that can be packed
Significant increase in production capacity
Less waste film, resulting in lower costs
The CS-Matic 100 has a maximum output of 4200 packs/hour

Alternate longitudinal sealing system with a continuous vertical seal
PTFE coated horizontal sealing bar
Inverter and encoder controlled
Automatic adjustment of the centre seal
Memory for 20 different operating programs
Easy film insertion and conveying system
Kissing belts
Flexmode control system with:
Alpha numeric LCD control panel
32-bit microprocessor
Each motor equipped with inverter
In/out control modules for digital, analogue input/output and thermo couple- reading control for series
Packaging Materials: Shrink film (Polyolefine, PVC or LDPE centrefold film)

El Matic with TE Matic shrink tunnel

This versatile combination can be used to package a wide range of products at speeds of up to 30 packs per minute at a relatively low capital cost


Continuous cycle sealing
Automatic control of the sealing bar height
User friendly control panel with back lighted multilingual LCD
16 bit microprocessor
20 different operation programs can be stored
PTFE coated sealing bar
Polyethylene and Polyolefin can be used
Single pack / multi-pack mode
Conveyor speed electronically adjustable
Pack discharge by a motorized conveyor
Storage / readout of process statistics (piece counter, measurement of pack length, real time out-put, machine performance, control of irregular packs)
Compliance with CE regulations

L sealer 500/800

These semi automatic L-sealers can be used to pack your products in a safe, presentable way. Easy adjustment/settings of these sealers guarantee flexibility and a high production quantity. These sealers can also be used in combination with our separate shrink tunnels.


Automatic cycle mode
Scrap film winder
Scrap film guide device
PTFE-coated sealing blade
Liquid cooling circuit
Control glass for cooling liquid level
Working height sealer and tunnel adjustable
Emergency button
Automatic transfer of the product to the shrink tunnel
Adjustable shrink delay time for sealing thin films
User-friendly control panel with LCD

Audionpack seal / shrink combinations – H20, H25, H22SA

These seal/shrink combination is ideal for moderate production quantities (max. 200 – 500 packs per hour). The machines operate with a shrink hood instead of a tunnel. The hood is closed by an electronic hold-down magnet during the film sealing and heat-shrink wrapping operations. Almost any product can be shrink wrapped in this clever machine.

These AUDIONPACK machine have – due to an accurate temperature control – a better seal quality and longer wire lifetime as most other similar machines in this market segment.

Standard specifications of Audionpack shrink hood machines:


Sealing and shrinking in one operation
Electro-magnet closure of shrink hood
Automatic shrink hood opening after completion of cycle
Seal temperature controlled by microprocessor
Shrink time and temperature controlled by microprocessor
Multi languages LCD, parameters in text
Memory capacity: 6 programs
Possibility to adjust shrink delay
Possibility to adjust hood opening delay
Program options: seal only/ seal and shrink
PTFE coated seal-bar
Rack in shrink chamber adjustable in height
Movable Work shelf, free from reel holder
Easy maintenance access
CE Certified Technical
Packaging Materials: Shrink film (Polyolefine, PVC or LDPE centrefold film)

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