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Modular solutions for luxury, rigid boxes….

Luxury box production made easy with Zechini:

From the essential basics, to complementary solutions for adding functionality, performance or a wider product offering such as magnetic closure, mechanised taping, layflat positioning, grooving machines and more.



  • B.ON.D - The Box Making Essentials
  • Grooving Machine
  • Automatic Box Positioner
  • Automatic Magnetising - Box Closure
  • Corner Taping

Luxury Box Making Essentials:

The Zechini Mephisto teams with the ESB2.0 unit to make beautiful & sturdy luxury boxes.


The Mephisto applies glue to the box wrap material while you position the greyboard box in the preadjusted guides the product is then wrapped using the ESB Box Wrapper.  For the production of 5 piece cases once the outer wrap is glued on the Mephisto, the greyboard pieces are place in position the pressing rollers on the machine automatically presses the product to ensure maximum and uniform adhesion. A liner is then applied using the same process giving the completed case.



The ESB2.0 folds the remaining glued flaps onto the inside of the constructed box in single motion – completing the box quickly, simply, and with uniform precision.


      Size: max. 42 x 40 x 12 cm          min.  8 x 8 x 1 cm


   Speed:  600 – 1.200 pieces/h

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    Grooving Machine – Symphony3

    Complimentary to the essentials, the grooving machine allows for the quick production of very strong, rigid greyboard boxes and cases at up 25 pieces per minute



        Size :   max cm 110 x 110


        Speed :   15/25 pz. per min.

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      Automatic Box Positioner – C.I.P.

      An automatic positioner of boxes (up to a maximum of 2) inside folding covers with magnets.

      It consists of an automatic cover feeder, a hot melt gluing unit, box feeders, automatic positioner unit, and a lamination unit.


      Formato      Size:         max cm 50×45


      Velocità      Speed:       1200 hour

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        Magnet Insertion for Box Closure – Magneton 1000


        Automatically insert up to 4 magnets at speeds of up to 1400 cycles/hr. Achieve the crisp closure of a magnetically sealed greyboard box with the simple and easy magneton 1000 from Zechini


        Size     Size:       max cm 500×1000


        Speed    Speed:     1400 cycles/hour

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          Corner Taping – CT150

          CT 150 Corner Tape is the machine to close the corners of a box by positioning heat-sealing stripes.

          The machine places a heat-sealing adhesive that works perfectly with the heating system the machine presents.

          The machine can work with different sizes of support in order to handle different types and sizes of boxes.


          Size     Size:       max cm 50×70


          Speed    Speed:     1400 cycles/hour


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            • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs
            • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs