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Friedheim has been supplying machinery to the pressroom & production floor for nearly 140 years. We’ve put together a selection of essential post press production equipment:

We’ve selected these products due to their robust reliability, low life-costs, and effectiveness.

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  • Guillotine
  • Laminator
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Stitching
  • Book Making
  • Die Cutting
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BaumannPerfecta High Speed Cutter

*NEW – Ask us about Straight2Cut®

Sizes: 80, 92, 115, 132, 168, 225

BaumannWohlenberg high-speed guillotines of the pro-tec product line are of solid construction and suited for processing various materials, as e.g. paper, cardboard, offset printing plates or similar cutting stock. Modern cutting technique allows rational cutting of different products and sizes.

The guillotine can be economically used as stand-alone unit or integrated in cutting systems. Program generation is menu-guided and covers a variety of cutting jobs, e.g. Single cut, Program cut, Repeat cut, Clamping without cut, Automatic actual-value transfer.


CIP Data module standard
19” touch screen display 16:10 with no additional keys
Short stop function for the clamp standard – faster cut cycle
Clamping without cut
Electronic hand wheel for the back-gauge positioning
Stainless steel plated machine table, without slot
Pressing cylinder for the clamp is installed centrally underneath the cutting table, providing an equal pressure
Programmable clamp pressure standard
Automatic adaption of clamp pressure to cutting width
Cast iron machine frame in one piece

Important options

Automatic waste removal ASE, lowers up to 4 mm for collection of small cuts on thin boards
Turning and swivel back-gauge
Prepared for automatic turning and cutting
Linear back-gauge drive for rear table loading
*Note: some features and advantages are not available on smaller size machines.

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Komfi Delta 52 & 76

  • Laminator for processing orders up to B2 sheet format
  • Robust and reliable solution for on-demand and commercial lamination
  • Automatic sheet feeding via Komfi designed feeding head
  • Laminating cylinder heated by 3-zones electrical heating system
  • Automatic sheet separation using built-in perforator
  • Application: medium to high volume jobs
    Suitable for non-stop run
  • Special functions to protect printed sheets against damage
  • Machine function to facilitate lamination of sheets in range 115-600 g/m2

Basic configuration

  • Automatic feeder with fixed lifting table
  • Single action Komfi feeding head
  • Automatic sheet overlap control
  • Laminating cylinder heated by 3-zones electro-resistance heater
  • Polyurethane pressure roller
  • Airshaft for film unwinding
  • Combined de-curling unit (bar and roller)
  • Automatic sheet separation using built-in perforator
  • Pneumatic snapping unit is electronically controlled
  • Fixed adjustable unloading table


  • On-roll film slitter
  • Additional separation air blowers
  • Long sheet separation air blowers
  • Additional on-roll perforator
  • Vibrating knives
  • Antistatic bar
  • Jogger
  • Stacker
  • Film roll lift
  • Preventive maintenance spare parts kit



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Palamides DeltaPro – Automatic delivery

With the new automatic delta delivery the focus is on higher productivity with lower personnel costs. Sturdy, easy-to-handle stacks ensure effective removal to subsequent processing machines.

The delta is primarily a fully automatic delivery system, which streamlines the production process. Here, rationalisation is key, not bundling the packages. By using a delta at a folding machine only one operator will be required. Also, at saddle stitchers, one person can remove the stack cost-effectively even with 2-up or 3-up production and all at full running capacity. Handling the packages is quick and easy, even for in-house transfer from the folding machine to the saddle stitcher. The band merely serves as a means of relocating the products quickly, simply and efficiently.

The delta sets new standards for speed, format range and user-friendliness. With its 600 packages per hour per product stream, it puts all previous machines in the shade. With the tandem version up to 3,600 packages per hour can be processed.

Products which can be processed:

  • Folding machines combi or buckle folding machines, irrespective of manufacturer
  • Saddle stitchers, from the smallest products in multiple up-work up to A3 formats
  • Mailers, slippery and asymmetrical products
  • Digital printing machines, regardless of whether parallel or cross fold


Alpha – stacking delivery

The products are collected by the machine and the neatly jogged stacks are delivered to a buffer table. The operator removes the ergonomically convenient jogged stack from the delivery table and no longer has to knock-up the products. This means that, even after several hours of production, the folding machine can still run at full production without tiring the operator.

The alpha delivers free of markings, i.e. no smearing of freshly printed products. In order to reduce set-up times the machine sets itself up pretty much automatically (automatic stacker). The pressing unit can be opened at the press of a button, which greatly simplifies press roller cleaning and removal of double sheets.

As the alpha was mainly designed for signatures, the pressing unit is equipped with 3.5 t of pressing force (cumulated). As with all palamides‘ deliveries, the alpha identifies waste and automatically ejects it. Alongside this delivery technology, which has been established for years, palamides have designed a further essential component, “the intelligent output module”, which only forwards book blocks that have been checked for completeness to the subsequent finishing unit (e.g. adhesive binder etc.).

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Hohner HSB 9.000 stitcher

operator friendly & economic 

The HSB 9.000 is the ideal solution if you are looking for a semi-automatic saddle binder for finishing folded sheets in small and medium runs. Hidden behind a compact footprint is the “HSB 9.000”, well designed and capable of a wide range of formats.

usable & reliable

Dependability and longevity, the incorporation of quick set-up times, and operator friendliness of equipment.

This is what Hohner Technology in print finishing and expressly in the wire stitching market is all about.


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Roby Junior 2 – Gluing and turning-in machines

Compact and versatile semi-automatic casemaker suitable both for short and medium runs.

  • Maximum size 50x70cm
  • Speed 250 pieces/hour
  • Type of glue: hot and cold


Gluing unit – Integrated in the machine in order to save floor space and the walking effort. Usually used with hot, animal glue, the unit can also be used with cold, vinyl glue.

Vacuum worktable – Prevents the covering material from moving during the positioning of boards. A backlit central window allows to accurately position the book title along the book spine.

Automatic board feeder – Ensures high productivity and perfect alignment of boards.

Turning-in unit – Works with all the usual covering materials. Turns in two sides at a time. Includes a corner closing device.

Manual board positioning device – Useful for short runs, cases with flexible spine and cases whose spine is thinner than 12.5 mm.


X-Case – Casing-in machine

The X-Case is an ideal casing-in machine for short runs. It has a sturdy build, wide size range and guarantees high quality binding.  A common drive ensures that the speed between the book and the gluing rollers remains constant regardless of the book weight.  To produce durable books the X-Case automatically applies a double amount of glue at the joints.

  • Maximum size 50x46cm
  • Speed 200 pieces/hour
  • Gluing device with function of double spreading
  • Manual opening of the book block and placing on the blade
  • Manual positioning of the book case
  • Gluing with cold (vinyl) glue
  • Grooved rollers ensure even distribution of glue in a thin layer

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Bograma – Die Cutting & Hole Punching

Punching is Bograma’s core competence:

From professionals for professionals, Bograma develop and build machines that are setting benchmarks within the industry. We offer you:

  • Rotary die-cutting
  • Punch machines
  • Feeder systems
  • Delivery systems
  • Peripheral devices

BSR 550 Basic

The new BSR 550 basic: short set-up times, simple operation, economic and cost-efficient production

The compact and attractively priced BSR 550 basic is designed for users who want to produce short and medium print runs economically and efficiently. The off-line system is suitable for die-cutting, kiss-cutting, creasing, perforating and embossing a wide range of products such as packaging materials, labels, mailings, presentation folders, etc, from both offset and digital printing. Die-cutting is performed with two magnetic cylinders, and the breakout and delivery unit has been re-designed, meaning that all air nozzles and deflecting pulleys can be inserted and aligned without using tools. To exchange the flexible dies the entire unit is disconnected from the die-cutting area. 


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    • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs
    • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs