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MBO Digital web finishing

Complete finishing lines provide maximum automation and profitability
Solutions range from unwind units to diverse web treatment and stacking modules
Standard web widths of, 520 mm and 720 mm
Multiple-up production capability for increased productivity
Proven systems for the printing, direct mail, label, book & newspaper, pharmaceutical and packaging industries

  • Roll To Roll
  • Roll to Sheet SVC Series
  • Web Finishing Modules
  • Roll to Folded Section

Roll To Roll

UW Unwind and RW Rewind high-end module 520/770

MBO Digital high-end modules have a maximum web diameter of 52“ and are available in the web widths 520 and 770. The dynamic unwinders possess a dancer-controlled web tension and centre-driven servo motor drive (i.e. no wear) and can be applied in all applications of [digital] printing machines or web finishing lines. They are equipped with an electronic paper lift, an integrated splice table as well as a de-curling device which leads to easy handling and minimal set-up times.

Due to the solid design with a 20 mm strong steel frame and the robust chain drive these high-end modules guarantee high availability, reliability of the production process as well as a long operating life even at maximum production speed in continuous 24/7 operation.


Pneumatic tensioning shaft
Electric paper lift
Dancer depends on frequency-followed servo drive
Variably adjustable, constant web tension
Splice table for quick web changes
De-Curling device for decreasing web diameter
Robust chain drive for maximum safety and running performance
Optional extras

Various tensioning shaft diameters
Automatic splice detection

UW 52/770
RW 52/520 RW 52/770
Maximum production speed 300m/min 300m/min
Maximum web width 520mm 770mm
Minimum web width
Paper quality
10-250g/m2 10-250g/m2
Maximum web weight 1.0 t

Roll to Sheet SVC Series

All SVC sheeters are known for MBO’s double, rotary cutting principle – the most reliable and accurate method on the market. Thanks to MBO Digital variable technology, SVC units can be adjusted to handle many different formats and chip-out sizes.

The strong industrial design of the SVC series makes it the perfect solution for finishers running 24/7 operations. Additionally, the high degree of automation and quick setup times make the SVC a “must-have” in finishing centers that require frequent changeovers.

Our fully electronically controlled SVC sheeters set standards in terms of accuracy, productivity, versatility and cost-efficiency. The sheeter can be run behind in-line (digital) printers or off-line with a separate unwinding unit.


Fully automated adjustment of the format and chip-out size
Variable format length up to maximum 2.032 mm
Variable chip-out possible (4–80 mm)
External length cut cassette
Air-supported paper flow
Window Function
Auto Teach Function
Print mark control software (Watchdog)

Web Finishing Modules

MBO Digital: Synonymous with Innovation and high-productivity

All standard finishing modules can be integrated into any production line and can be configured inline or offline with an unwinding unit. We drew from our years of engineering expertise to come up with solutions that are highly-compatible and efficient.

Modules include:

SPM Split and Merge Module

Station for conducting two webs under web tension with register accuracy in order to e.g. double the web of one-side printed or personalized webs, even at maximum speed.
The lengthwise and crosswise register is performed manually by means of adjustment spindles.
The redirection of the web is airbag-supported with integrated blower.
3 x LCUM (Length Cut Unit for edge-trimming and slitting of the web) integrated.

SHP 770/800 High Pile Stacker with automated pallet change

This high-speed, high pile stacker minimizes the dead time of a production line by stacking large sheets directly onto the pallet. Once a pallet batch count is fulfilled, the SHP will automatically eject the finished stack. With an operator at the ready, all that is required is for the ejected stack to be removed and a new pallet added to the stacking device. The incoming sheets become a shingled stream and are transported along a lengthwise alignment system in order to form a perfect stack. With the aid of special vacuum overguides even very long sheets can be stacked neatly and accurate.

EM 770 Ejection Module

The Ejection Module is an independent unit which can be used after the SVC Cutter for the ejection of a control sheet to be deflected upwards into a catch tray or to eject missed printed sheets. This servo-controlled and synchronized ejection module ensures that only 100 % of good products will be selected for further processes or will be stacked onto the pallet in a High Pile Stacker. The waste sheets will be slit through an internal slitter shaft cassette into narrow stripes and transported into an external exhaust unit (to be provided by the customer).

SSD 770 Shingle Stream module

This module ensures optimal handling of the cut sheets even at maximum speed. The shingling process is supported by a rotating batcher shaft and a subjacent vacuum band. The shingling grade of the cut sheets can be adjusted during production.

SSC 770 Shingle Stream separation

The SSC condenses the shingle stream temporarily in order to form a defined gap, enabling the subsequent module SHP to execute the automated pallet change.

PFS Plow Fold station

The plow fold is adjustable in five degrees of freedom to achieve maximum folding accuracy (even with critical papers).
The module is equipped with four free-in-space adjustable folding assistance tools.Integrated length cutting station for the edge-trim of the web
Turnable fold heads by default in order to allow folding upwards as well as downwards; with
special fold head for heavy grammages.
Special spring-loaded nip roller in order to minimize one-sided build-up.

Other Modules include:

WTS Web Turning station (90° or 180°)
VCB Vacuum Buffers for in-line production with laser printers
RBF Web buffer for in-0line production
PSM Double module

Roll to Folded Section

MBO Digital solutions can broaden your market appeal even more when you add specialty modules from MBO and HERZOG+HEYMANN to your line. With the innovative combinations available from the MBO Group, finishers have nearly endless configuration possibilities to meet an array of common and custom job demands.

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