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Folder Gluers & die-cutters from KAMA

“Ideas create value” is the motto and basis on which all of KAMA’s high quality die-cutters and its folder-gluer are designed. For over 100 years the company has offered customers worldwide a variety of economical solutions for small and medium print runs in the cutting and finishing processes. KAMA’s customers range from small and medium-sized job printers, packaging printers, bookbinders and specialist cutting shops, as well as larger, well-known companies.

  • New Flexfold 52
  • ProCut 58
  • ProCut 76
  • Foil Module
  • ProFold 74
  • Positioning System CPX

New Flexfold 52

KAMA FlexFold 52 for Short-run Folding Cartons

Folding + Gluing of: Straight-line boxes, Automatic boxes (crash-lock), Telescope boxes

  • Automated Pre-Setting of the entire Folding Section (transverse + longitudinal direction) with the patent-pending APA-System
  • Fast Job Change
  • Network Integration via JDF/JMF
  • Pre-Breaking
  • Lower gluing unit with high precision glue guns
  • Inline Braille unit (Q2/15)
  • Gluing line inspection with reject unit
  • Quality inspection with reject unit (planned)
  • Folding and gluing of folding carton boxes with the following shapes

ProCut 58

Innovative and highly versatile, the KAMA ProCut 58 is the world’s first flatbed automatic die-cutter for the A3 format. This machine is not only ideal for die-cutting, creasing, perforating and kiss cutting, but also for finishing with cold embossing and Braille. Hot foil stamping, combined hot foil stamping and embossing, and hologram stamping are available as options. A further bonus with the ProCut 58 is the rapid changeover between applications, e.g. changing the set-up from hot foil stamping to die-cutting takes only 10 minutes. The register mark alignment is also extremely precise. All these characteristics make the ProCut 58 suitable for digital printers and digital packaging printers. With this compact A3 die-cutter even small and personalised runs can be carried out economically and finished to the highest quality.


  • NEW: AutoRegister, aligns each sheet to a print mark
    Multifaceted applications for the 580 x 400 mm format
  • Highest register accuracy (less than 0.1 mm)
  • Profitable finishing also of small runs
  • Clean cutting contours thanks to very few to no nicks
  • Moving upper table ensures gentle passage of the material
  • Space-saving design, requires only 4.5 m²


  • Motor-driven pressure control system (MPC)
  • Cutting pressure indicator on the display and automatic overload protection
  • Platen changing system (4+1 mm)
  • Module for hot cutting of plastic materials
  • Hot foil and hologram stamping module available for retrofitting

ProCut 76

Versatile, profitable, successfully used world-wide: The Automatic Die Cutter ProCut 76 is the world’s first 760 x 600 mm format flatbed die-cutter with integrated hot foil stamping system. The new ProCut 76 has been specifically designed to provide increased performance and cutting force, and also offers a universal chase for all sizes of dies
This easy-to-handle die-cutter provides a wide range of applications, including cutting, creasing, perforating and kiss-cutting, as well as blind embossing, Braille stamping, hot foil stamping, relief and hologram stamping. Changing over from hot foil stamping to die-cutting on the ProCut 76 takes less than ten minutes. The new universal chase leads to further time savings when setting up.


Multifaceted applications for the 760×600 mm size
Universal chase for dies of all sizes
Plate changing system (4+1 mm) for quick job change
Profitable finishing also of small runs
New: KAMA SBU for inline Stripping and Blanking without tools (!)
Highest register accuracy (less than 0.1 mm)
Clean cutting contours thanks to very few to no nicks
ProCut principle of a moving upper table for gentle sheet pass on one level
Space-saving design

Further options

NEW: AutoRegister aligns each sheet to a print mark (+/- 0.1 mm)
Motor-driven pressure control system (MPC)
Cutting pressure indicator on the display and overload protection
Special chase for small dies and already existing off-size dies
Magnetic plate for cutting and kiss-cutting of filigree contours
Hot-foil and hologram stamping module available for retrofitting
Module for hot cutting of plastic materials
Cardboard kit for paper weights > 600 g/m²

Foil Module

The hot foil stamping and embossing module can be fitted to any of KAMA’s range of Die-cutters for the finishing of small and medium runs in commercial and packaging printing. The flat-bed die cutter with hot foil stamping module gives you the greatest possible variety of applications in-house offering ten functions from kiss-cutting to hot foil stamping.

For distinguished advertising material, labels and noble packaging with flat or embossed hot foil, microstructure or registered hologram for brand protection.

Cost-efficient thanks to quick change-over, simple foil winding and the energy-saving portable heating plate.

ProFold 74

All-rounder for the post-press industry!

The KAMA ProFold 74 folder gluer is a true high capacity all-rounder for producing both standard and more refined printed products, such as presentation folders, greetings cards, cross folders, ticket pockets and CD/DVD pockets. Its advantages are many in offering a wide range of applications, minimal floor space requirements, a quick set-up and consistently high quality. The unique, grid-type mounting system allows the tools required for the actual job to be positioned quickly, precisely and reproducibly. The basic length of the compact machine is just 5.50 metres, irrespective of the actual configuration. The ProFold 74 can also make products with capacity folds or glued pockets, as well as Pick & Place add-ons, such as for business cards, etc.


Flexible use for a wide range of products
Quick and reproducible set-up
Unique, grid-type mounting system
Suction-belt-type or flat stack feeder to your choice
Innovative optional device pool including capacity folding device (4 to 25 mm), dispensing device, 360°rotation device, adhesive tape dispenser and many more
New: bar code reader
New: device for folded boxes with crash-lock base
New: interactive Job Planner-Software for optimised set-up and cost planning.

Examples of processed products:

  • Brochure covers
  • Brochure holders
  • Calendars
  • CD pockets
  • Covers
  • Credit card covers
  • Cross-folders
  • Cartons
  • Dispensing of add-ons and product samples
  • Dispensers
  • Display boxes
  • DVD cartons
  • Dispensed adhesive tape
  • Direct-mail advertising
  • letters
  • Double-sheet products
  • Envelopes
  • Envelopes (also self adhesive)
  • Flap folds
  • Folded brochures
  • Folded pockets
  • Fugitive glue
  • Folders with pockets or  tongues
  • Goods tags
  • Greetings cards
  • Hard-cover folders
  • Hot-melt points
  • Light-weight posters
  • Longitudinal folds
  • Magazine covers
  • Picture frames
  • Push-in pockets
  • Photo frames
  • Presentation folders (also
  • with capacity folds)
  • Packaging material
  • Product displays
  • Protective cartons
  • Promotion displays
  • Product sample dispensers
  • Pockets
  • Sales folders
  • Slip cases
  • Tent cards
  • Ticket pockets
  • Voucher covers
  • Window folds
  • Zig-zag folds

Positioning System CPX

For the quick, efficient and exact positioning of Clichés/Dies, KAMA offers the new CPX positioning system. Clichés are mounted with high register accuracy on the mounting plate in a single step. This saves time and money. The system calculates the exact target position, which is already temperature-corrected, for a quick, targeted positioning of the clichés on the mounting plate. Another advantage of this method is that because the clichés are positioned outside of the stamping machine, the machine is able to process another job in the meantime. The CPX is suitable for any positioning work concerning orders with hot foil, hologram and blind embossing, as well as for the setting of die-cutting tools.
The KAMA cliché positioning system (models CPX 74 and CPX 105) can be fitted to all KAMA ProCut die-cutters and is also adaptable to other flatbed stamping systems.


Saving in set-up time – Quick cliché mounting at highest register accuracy outside the cutting machine.
Precise positioning – The CPX reads the work files directly, computes the target position and indicates it on the monitor. The actual cliché position recorded by a camera is laid on top on the monitor without shades.
Easy to operate – The clichés are mounted to the indicated target position is one step. Thermal expansion of mounting plate and clichés is calculated and compensated for automatically.
Versatility – For any positioning work on hot foil and hologram stamping modules, magnetic plates, hot cut systems and universal chases.

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