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The MBO T800.1 buckle fold machine is designed for the B1 or 70 x 100 cm format range. With it’s universal scope of applications and a unique range of folding types the T800.1 is impressive with it’s ease of operation, thanks to its many unique MBO features.

New for 2019 all T800.1 buckle folders will come as standard with the M1 control units. The M1 control was specifically designed for its simple and structured operator guidance. The graphic interface permits intuitive working. Performance data, operating statuses, history and many other parameters are displayed based on icons. The control also includes a router for the RAS remote maintenance software.

The M1 control is available in the variants Basic and Advanced. In the case of the inexpensive M1 Basic, the first folding unit of the T800.1 has an adjustable touchscreen with a screen diagonal of around 10“. In addition, the first folding unit is equipped with sheet monitoring by means of optical sensors. Basic functions such as “Start”, “Stop” and “Production” can be carried out at the subsequent folding units with M1 Basic. The speed of the folding units is set manually.
With the more convenient M1 Advanced control, each folding unit of the T800.1 has a touchscreen. As all screens show the same interface, full operation of the folding machine from every folding unit is possible with M1 Advanced from it’s 15.6” screen and subsequent folding units on their 10.1” screen.

The operator is supported when setting up a new job with common standard buckle types are preconfigured in “Quick Mode”. Every technically possible and sensible variant can be put together in “Expert Mode”. This automatically prevents incorrect operation. In addition, optimal sheet gaps and speeds are calculated automatically and set in all folding units. The M1 Advanced also features sheet monitoring across folding units which includes sheet length control and sheet-monitoring using sensors – If the sheet is too long or does not pass a sensor, the machine stops – sheet running jams are displayed in plain text.

The M1 Advanced is also compatible with the Datamanager 4.0, a software package for production planning and analysis. Among other things, Datamanager 4.0 contains a folding imposition catalogue which supports the user during set-up. It also meshes with most MIS available on the market bringing more control and tracking to the entire finishing process.

Short routes and space savings
The easier the procedures and work processes, the more efficient the production. Ease-of-use plays an important role with the MBO T800.1. This is aided not least by the RFE sheet return device, which is available as an option for the third folding unit. The folded sheets are returned under the third folding unit via belts. This means that the delivery can be positioned near the feeder. This is more convenient for the operator, since the path between the feeder and delivery is shortened by about 80% thanks to the sheet return device. In addition, the machine can be operated by just one person instead of two. The sheet return device therefore lowers staff costs as well as saves a considerable amount of space.

Interruption-free ejection of double sheets
After the first folding unit, a conveyor table with ejection of wasted sheets can be selected as an option. Incorrectly folded sheets and double sheets (detected with ultrasonic double sheet monitoring) are ejected here during ongoing production. Production failures can be minimised and the net output of the T800.1 can be increased with the conveyor table with ejection of wasted sheets.

Ergonomic tool changeover
The removable slitter shaft cassette is included as standard on the first folding unit and can also be integrated into the second folding unit. It can be used to adjust all tools and strippers quickly and precisely outside the machine and at the ergonomically optimal height. This means the operator does not have to bend over the machine and can work in ergonomic comfort. The slitter shaft cassette therefore permits one-person operation. It also contributes to a reduction in set-up time of up to 60 %, for example in multi-up production.

Reduced set-up time via automation
Individualised automation options ensure smooth production for medium and high print runs and frequently changing folding types. On the MBO T800.1, buckle plates, sheet deflectors and fold rollers on all the folding units as well as the slitter shaft settings on the second and third folding units can be automated. The higher the level of automation of a machine, the shorter the set-up times.

B30E – The manual sister machine to the T800.1
In addition to the T800.1, the MBO range includes the B30E buckle fold machine for the B1 / 70 x 100 cm format range. It is available as a manual machine, making it particularly well-suited for operations with infrequent changeovers, in other words for job structures with high print runs and largely uniform folding types. Of course, the B30E folds with the same quality and accuracy as the T800.1, thanks to the high-quality MBO components and features.

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