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First introduced in September of this year, the T50 is the latest B2 buckle folder from MBO Group and represents another step forward in finishing technology.

The T50 was shown to visitors at an Open House from September 5-6, with those in attendance impressed by its production quality and efficiency.

Designed for half-format (50cm x 70cm), the T50 is the successor to both the T535 Efficiency and T535 Perfection. Like its predecessors, it offers enormous production flexibility at an attractive price-performance ratio.

The new machine integrates premium features in this format class as standard, including intuitive touch-screen operation and sheet alignment in the second folding unit, using mark-free high-speed guide with cone rollers instead of a conventional ball bar.

Stuart Bamford, Post Press Manager at Friedheim International, said: “The T50, in comparison to the popular T535 E and P models, offers a real choice in automation and control levels at different areas of the machine from in-feed to out-feed, so you only pay for the extra features you want and need.

“The T50 also integrates the latest M1 control software for easy operation and visualisation of the folding process”

Intuitive M1 control, which is now available on all MBO folding machines, comes as ‘M1 Basic’ and ‘M1 Advanced’, both of which can optionally be connected to an MIS via planning and analysis software Datamanager 4.0.

In addition to a 10.1-inch touch-screen, the M1 Basic version features sheet monitoring in the first folder. Basic functions such as start, stop and production can be executed on the follower, while an optical sensor quickly detects faults at the outlet of the follower fold.

The control variant M1 Advanced makes it possible to automate folding rollers, knife shafts and folding pockets. Operation is made even easier with a 15.6-inch touch-screen for the first folder, as well as a 10.1-inch touch screen on the follower.

If required, the machine combination can be controlled in full via the control panel on the following fold unit, with production speed automatically adjusted across the folding unit. Sheet monitoring also extends over both folders.

With numerous options, the T50 can be tailored to a wide variety of needs. For example, customers have the choice between a round pile feeder and a flat pile feeder. If required, the latter can be equipped with the Vacustar separating head.

The sheet transport from the feeder takes place either with the help of a suction wheel and ball bar, or the Vivas product-friendly vacuum and alignment system. Four or six folding pockets in the first, as well as in the optional second folding unit, determine the possible folding type spectrum.

To help shorten set-up time, typical MBO features are also available, such as an optional combination pocket that eliminates physical effort when opening and closing the pockets.

A knife shaft cassette is available for the first folding unit, saving the operator both time and energy when using the machine. These and other options make the T50 the ideal folding machine, whether for simple standard productions or complex products.

With the new T50, the MBO Group is sending a state-of-the-art machine type to the half-size market, focusing on the best production quality and reliability.

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