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Leading postpress solutions provider MBO Group is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its acquisition by Komori with the launch of a special edition combi folding machine.

MBO Folder, , b1, b2, format, folder, mbo

Supplied in the UK by Friedheim International, the new K32 KSE (Komori Special Edition) combi folding machine is available for a limited time with a comprehensive equipment package.

Suitable for running B1 / 70 x 100cm work, the K32 KSE has a wide range of features, designed to help ease the finishing process and allow users to achieve high quality output every time.

The K32 KSE is available as either a manual or automated folding machine, offering excellent flexibility to the user and allowing them to seamlessly slot the folder into their production process.

Both versions of the machine feature M1 Advanced Machine Control, operated via an intuitive touchscreen, while users will benefit from RAS remote maintenance software, with complimentary remote maintenance service also included.

Other key features on both models include the sheet infeed being implemented via a palletised feeder, while the parallel fold is equipped with Virotec fold rollers and includes the slitter shaft cassette, helping to reduce set-up times.

The anniversary package also includes an additional set of transport belts in both of the models; two each in the cross fold and in the three-fold.

The manual version of the K32 KSE has four buckle plates with an adjustable sheet deflector in parallel fold, as well as slitter shafts in the three-fold, and SBAP46ME vertical stacker delivery.

Meanwhile, the automatic model boasts six automated buckle plates in the parallel fold, while the fold rollers in the parallel fold, cross fold and three-fold, as well as the slitter shafts in the three-fold, can be adjusted automatically.

The special edition package also includes the latest MBO delivery system in the form of the A80, which will be fully integrated into the machine’s control. In addition, the A80 is an ideal delivery option for the MBO CoBo-Stack, which can also be supplied by Friedheim International 

This anniversary offer will run from 1 March until 31 August.

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