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Grantham Manufacturing hails accuracy and reliability of new Baumann Perfecta 132 guillotine

Specialist paper converter Grantham Manufacturing Ltd (GML UK) has opened up about the impact of its new Baumann Perfecta 132 guillotine, revealing the machine has significantly improved production efficiency. The Lincolnshire-based business purchased the new guillotine from leading print finishing solutions provider Friedheim International and took delivery of the device in May 2022.

GML UK had been running an older guillotine that was installed in 2015 after the business was severely hit when a fire destroyed its manufacturing base, meaning it had to invest in replacement machinery.

While the guillotine worked well for GML UK, in recent times it started to show signs of unreliability and was becoming increasingly vulnerable due to a shortage of parts, which, in the event of a failure, would prove very difficult to resolve. 

As such, GML UK went in search of a new machine, settling on the Baumann Perfecta 132 after seeing a live demonstration of the device at the Baumann factory via video link.

“We made a shortlist of three manufacturers of programmable machines, each suiting our ideal cutting width of 132cm, but the build quality of the Baumann made it the clear winner for us,” GML UK Managing Director Martin Howitt said.

“Our existing guillotine remains a functioning, albeit fall-back, machine, but the Baumann is taking the full load of our production. Its ease of use and programmable features have already brought smiles to the operators, and happy operators are good for production, and this is having a tangible impact on our production output.”

Aside from the programmable work streams that have been making life significantly easier for operators at GML UK, Howitt said the other stand-out benefits of the Baumann Perfecta 132 have been its reliability and speed of operation.

Howitt also highlighted the accuracy of dimensions of sheets and efficiency of use yields cost savings, which can be shared with customers to ensure GML UK maintains and improves its competitive edge.

“Investing in a new machine was the only option to ensure we protected our capacity and our workforce,” Howitt added.


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