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Friedheim International is pleased to announce that it has added one of the world’s most innovative suppliers to its already extensive portfolio – Scodix. Friedheim are now the UK and Ireland dealer for the Israeli manufacturer, which has the reputation of founding digital enhancement technology that has made embellishment such a key component in many of the worlds most prolific printers, trade finishers and converters.

Scodix provides digital specialist print finishing including Spot and traditional high gloss UV varnish, raised and textured spot varnish, die-less foil application, spot varnish on Soft Touch matt metallic laminate, multiple passes simulating glue-on gems, variable data printing/enhancement; Braille; Cast & Cure, diffraction; and Glitter

Scodix offer 2 platforms; the Scodix Ultra family of presses and the Scodix E106.

(They now offer 6 new systems! Check them out here)

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NEW Scodix Ultra 202, B2 Print enhancement engine offeres  Scodix Sense™, Scodix Foil™, Scodix Braile™, Scodix Glitter™, Scodix Metallic™, Scodix VDP / VDE™, Scodix Crystals™, Scodix Cast&Cure™ and combinations of Sense on Foil, Foil on Foil and others.

The Scodix Ultra series of presses is their B2 offering, focused at the commercial printers, publishers, trade finishers, tags, greeting cards and more.  The Scodix ultra family of presses include 2 major new platforms including the Scodix Ultra 101 and the Scodix Ultra 202. The Scodix Ultra 202 is the only digital enhancement engine in the world that can print 9 different applications and combinations of these applications all on one system including: Scodix Sense™, Scodix Foil™, Scodix Braile™, Scodix Glitter™, Scodix Metallic™, Scodix VDP / VDE™, Scodix Crystals™, Scodix Cast&Cure™ and combinations of Sense on Foil, Foil on Foil and others. This machine focuses on many different substrates and many printing technologies including toner based, offset, digital and others. The Scodix Ultra 101 is totally focused on HP and Offset users and includes the option of printing most of the Scodix applications available

Scodix E106 – The first B1 enhancement press for the folding carton industry. Sheet-fed single-pass inkjet that can print a very clear UV-cured spot varnish and apply metallic and other foils with no need for metal dies. Launched during Drupa 2016 and already installed in 5 different locations in EMEA and N. America

Mark Bristow, Managing Director of Friedheim says, “At Friedheim, we take pride in the fact that we only take on the very best manufacturers in the world – and Scodix are the leaders in this field of digital enhancement and are the best at what they do. They’re a highly motivated company with a brilliant track record of research and development – bringing the very best of their technology to market. Bringing UK Print Service Providers and Converters this technology will mean securing a lot of key contracts from their customers. A major trend is going to be companies taking more control of their services and bringing more finishing in-house – The Scodix compliments our existing manufacturers perfectly in these regards and we’re looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Eli Grinberg, General Manager, EMEA and Co-founder states, “we are delighted to be partnering with Friedheim for the distribution of Scodix in the UK. Together we are set to increase our presence in this region and we are confident that Friedheim are the perfect partner. We welcome Friedheim to the growing network of the Scodix Family”.

John Harrison, Friedheim’s Sales Manager, Converting Division says, “Taking on Scodix is a real feather in our cap. They’re such a forward-thinking outfit and go hand-in-hand with what we’re trying to offer commercial printers and carton converters. To push the envelope with their enhancements and embellishments and to bring real value to the products they produce for their customers.”

Founded in 2007 Scodix have had major success with over 300+ installations worldwide and a growing network of 40 partners, with Friedheim being the latest. The Scodix allows the commercial printers and converters the ability to make any brand unique giving measurable added value to the products being delivered to their customers. By integrating Scodix digital enhancement solutions, the users have seen dramatic improvement in the services being offered for a range of premium print products, all managed and controlled in-house. Through Scodix, we can now give our customers the tools needed to expand their product portfolios – putting them a step ahead of the competition.

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