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Bristol-based print finishing specialist Folio Print Finishing has invested in a new Komfi Sagitta 52 laminator in order to bring more work in house and increase its profit as a result.

Purchased from Friedheim International, the exclusive distributor of Komfi technology in the UK, the Komfi Sagitta 52 was installed at Folio’s Bristol production facility in mid-December 2021 and has already has a major impact on the way the business operates.

Folio offers a whole host of specialist print finishing services, ranging from cutting, creasing, die making and folding, to shrink wrapping, saddle stitching, perfecting binding, PUR binding, sewn binding, singer sewing, wiro binding, square backing, round cornering, and many other services.

This offering also includes lamination, though this work had previously been outsourced as Folio did not have the capabilities to laminate in house. However, investment in the Komfi Sagitta 52 from Friedheim International means Folio can take full control of lamination work from within its own facility.

“I had previously seen the Komfi Delta 52 running and was very impressed, but we decided to go for the Komfi Sagitta 52 because of its price, faster running speed, footprint, reliability, make ready times and its ease of running,” said Richard Hughes, Managing Director of Folio.

“Financially, purchasing the new Komfi Sagitta 52 was a no-brainer for us. We spend over £50,000 a year on outsourcing lamination work and this investment will pay for itself within a year.”

“One stop shop! Producing lamination work in house also means that we save on transport costs and reduce turnaround times, allowing us to take on more work and increase capacity. Our customers are also happier that we can now laminate in house instead of having to send the cover out for lamination.

“Having the laminator will enable us to expand our customer base, take on more work, give us more flexibility and take in-house control of both the quality and the finished product.”

The Komfi Sagitta 52 has a top operating speed of 64m/min and a maximum web width of 54cm. The laminator can handle paper ranging between 115 and 600g/sq m and is available from Friedheim International with two additional options in an on-roll film slitter and film roll lift.

Richard Hughes paid tribute to the service offered by Friedheim International during the process of purchasing the machine and installing the laminator at its production facility, as well as the specialist training delivered by knowledgeable Friedheim International staff.

“The installation all went to plan; the machine was installed up and running within just eight hours,” Richard Hughes said. “We selected four members of staff from within the business who we wanted to run the laminator and Friedheim completed their training within two days and we are now fully operational.”

Komfi Sagita 52 at Folio

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