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Preston-based ECM Print Finishers has invested in a new palamides delta-pro 703 fully automatic stack-forming delivery system in a move it said will help boost its finishing efficiency.

Purchased from Friedheim International, the UK distributor of palamides kit, the new machine is scheduled to be installed at the end of February, with ECM planning to use the device to support its stitching and folding machinery.

ECM Print Finishers offers a range of finishing services, running various technology and offering services such as stitching, folding, collating, wirobinding, automatic shrink wrapping, handfulfillment and polybagging, and aims to be the most advanced finisher in every area it covers.

Speaking about the investment, Simon Wilson, joint partner at ECM Print Finishers, said the palamides delta-pro 703 will help staff efficiency with greater quality control, which will in turn increase productivity and enables them to take on more work.

“Simply put, the palamides delta-pro 703 gives us extra capacity,” Wilson said. “It will mean many jobs that currently require two members of staff to complete can now be done by one person, thus freeing up staff to take on other work.”

Such is the anticipated impact of the new machine that Wilson said the company has already set about seeking out new work to run on the device once it is in place at its facility in February.

“The main reason that we opted for the palamides delta-pro 703 was to allow us to take on more paper banding and small pack work,” Wilson said. “Ahead of the new machine being installed, we have already lined up a host of new work.”

palamides delta, palamides mitra, palamides 703, stacking, strapping, banding, automatic delivery

The delta-pro 703 is one of three models within the new palamides delta-pro range, alongside the delta-pro 502 and delta-pro 705. Each model has a minimum infeed height of 400 mm and a maximum height of 1,050 mm, with the ability to handle material up to A3 format.

All of the devices in the delta-pro range have a minimum stacking height of 10 mm (with small package option: 2 mm) and a maximum height of 150 mm.

Shorter set-up times and improved operability can be achieved with innovations such as quick-release fasteners on the jogging paddles, while automatic shaft adjustment supports setup for new formats and also shortens the time required.

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