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Cutting formes manufacturer and provider Die-Set Formes has said its purchase of a Lasercomb CMS 1613 digital cutting system has set the company up for significant growth and expansion…

Purchased from Friedheim International, Lasercomb’s exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland, the Lasercomb CMS 1613 was installed at Die-Set Formes’ site in Leeds in March.

Die-Set Formes installed the device to support its expansion into a new market, with Director Jamie Wrathall explaining that without the Lasercomb, it would not have been able to take on this new type of work.

“Supplying counters was never something that we thought of doing, as our current customer base never really had the need or interest in this process,” Jamie said. “However, over the last couple of years we have received more and more enquiries into this type of product.

“We soon realised we were missing out on potential new business from our own customer base and maybe there could be an opportunity to expand our business even further.”

Jamie said Die-Set Formes initially viewed the machine as a compliment to the work it was already supplying, with its core role to be helping secure its current trade by offering a one stop shop to our loyal customers.

However, after going to view the machine, Jamie and the Die-Set Formes team soon realised that it could play a much larger role in the company’s growth strategy.

“When we came to view the Lasercomb machine, we were surprised to learn that as well as producing counters, we could also automate the production of our stripping boards,” Jamie said. “This immediately peaked our interests into the purchase of such a machine.”

Since the installation of the Lasercomb CMS 1613, Die-Set Formes has seen a marked improvement in production – something reflected in customer feedback.

“The feedback from customers has been extremely positive and we now feel that we are confident that we will reap the benefits in the years to come,” Jamie said.

lasercomb, dies, die-cutting, die cutting, cutting table, plotting table, laser, die cut formes

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