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MBO invites industry to calculate return on investment with CoBo-Stack

Print finishing technology specialist MBO has announced the launch of a new online tool that allows users to calculate their return on investment for its CoBo-Stack automated stacking machine.

Available on the MBO website, the free-to-use CoBo-Stack-Calculator invites users to input their details, with the tool then using this information to calculate how many years it will take for them to see a return on their investment in the machine.

Information required includes the number of shifts that the machine will run and how many hours each shift will last, as well as the percentage of 16 and 32 pagers, and the share of other signatures present. While not an exact calculation, the tool provides a picture of how CoboStack is a robust investment across a range of usage volumes.


cobostack, roi, calculator, roi calculator, mbo, mbo folder



After calculating their expected return on investment, website visitors will also have the option to arrange a consultation appointment to find out more about the CoBo-Stack and how it could benefit their business.




The CoBo-Stack, which is available in the UK from Friedheim International, is known as a cobot: a collaborative robot that does not require a protective cage to operate.

Product stacks, such as stacks of folded signatures, are transported from the delivery onto the table of the CoBo-Stack. The device then picks up the stacks from the table and deposits them onto pallets – meaning a significant physical release for operators at the delivery.

Pallets can be positioned on both sides of the delivery, which will in turn allow for uninterrupted operation. In addition, while the CoBo-Stack is filling one pallet, the operator can move the loaded pallet away and prepare the next empty pallet.

The CoBo-Stack was recently updated so that users are now able to stack pallets up to 140cm high, an increase from the previous maximum of 90cm. Users can benefit from this upgrade by retrofitting a height-adjustable robot arm to an existing CoBo-Stacks or purchase as an option for a new machine.

As the pallets can be stacked higher and therefore need to be replaced less often, MBO said this means that the user will have more time for fold quality control and other important activities. In addition, the upgrade will help save pallet space and logistics costs.

Other recent software updates include double stream production, meaning it is now possible to fill both pallets at the same time, while a new stacking pattern for 10 piles has also been created for users.

In addition, users can now enter the actual height of the pallet that has already been stacked to that they can continue stacking on a pallet that has already been started. MBO said that this is more accurate than the previous procedure where the stacking height was calculated from the number and height of the layers.

Other existing features on the CoBo-Stack include an indicator lamp that lights up in different colours, signalling various operating statuses the operator. Some statuses are accompanied by an acoustic signal, meaning that the operator does not need to remain at the machine all the time, freeing them up to carry out administrative tasks such as quality control.


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