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A primary factor of corporate responsibility is employee health and with the recent pandemic, much emphasis is placed on respiratory health….

This is where Hunkeler System is offering significant improvements to the work environment:


The major risk directly from production environments is manufacturing dust and fibers made from machinery with moving parts and materials of a powdery or fibrous nature, this includes papers, cardboards & fabrics, inks & coatings, as well as some metal and plastic work. These cause several serious respiratory ailments as well as skin and eye conditions.


Friedheim is currently offering a quick & free air quality/particulate test, as well as subsequent air quality improvement tests – available across the UK.


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hunkeler, waste extraction, dust extraction, air cleaning, shredding, document destruction

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    The Hunkeler Compact Air Cleaner ‘HKA’ is a low cost, low footprint solution to a critical issue….

    It is a free-standing, portable unit that uses a standard 230V connection and is offered in a range of four sizes, suitable for small or large manufacturing spaces. The Air Cleaner does exactly what it says, pulling dirty, dusty air in from the environment and cleaning it via a filter system. The filters are certified to ISO16890 and can trap dust, fibers, pollen, smoke, bacteria, viruses and similar allergens -keeping air quality to FFP2-3 standards (with other filtration options available). The powerful fans are able to clean 10,000 cubic meters of air per filter system while operating quietly and efficiently, drawing just 750 watts/hr. This is possible due to ultra-modern, maintenance-free fans.


    The HSE says ‘Up-to-date COSHH assessments, control to within Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) and simple health surveillance are priorities where dust is a hazard.’ Further, that ‘PPE should only be used to protect workers as a last resort and in addition to other controls where it isn’t reasonably practicable to fully control the dust by other means.’  Currently, there are several relevant pieces of legislation on to minimising workplace dust, the most significant of which being:

      • The Factories Act of 1961

      • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

      • The 1988 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations


    Properly mitigating the health risks associated with dust in the workplace not only massively reduces the chance of developing a new respiratory disease at work, it also helps reduce the exacerbation of existing and underlying conditions. Subsequently this decreases employee absence rates & risk of legal compensation, while simultaneously increasing protection against brand-damage, increasing employee satisfaction & increasing productivity. 

    There are further tertiary benefits to the business other than the health of employees: Product quality is protected via a cleaner factory and cleaner machinery, which also improves mechanical health and associated costs. Workplace/factory cleaning time is reduced by up to 60%, and with air circulation improved it means energy & HVAC bills can also be reduced, including maintenance and filter replacement. System requirements are calculated based on size and type of product environments.

    About the Air Test:

    Friedheim has a state-of-the-art particulate meter able to test your production environment and compare results with the Workplace Exposure Limit to assess mitigation and remediation. These are available across the UK and Ireland and subject to booking availability. All tests and test results are confidential and non-obligatory.


    About Hunkeler Systeme:

    Hunkeler Systeme are known for their industrial waste extraction systems and their sisterhood with Hunkeler AG. They design, produce and install secure shredding, extraction and baling systems of manufacturing waste such as papers, cards, foils, and dusts. Recently they have been recognized for helping companies ensure the health of employees by improving the quality of air in dusty production environments and meeting environmental & corporate social responsibility targets:

    Their secure solutions are trusted by banks, blue chip brands and security printers around the world to protect property against counterfeits and gray market trading.

    Dedusting with Hunkeler Systeme:


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    • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs
    • ds smith, friedheim customers, friedheim references, friedheim installs