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Zechini – specialist provider of bookbindery equipment

  • Extensive range of hard cover bookbinding solutions
  • Standard machines and custom-designed options
  • Short, medium and long run production capabilities
  • Hard copy books of all types and sizes catered for

Established in 1952, Italian company Zechini has become one of the world’s specialist manufacturers of bookbinding and converting machines for short, medium and longer runs.  With a range of machines that complement each other and can be utilised to create semi-automatic and fully automatic ‘systems’, everything is in place to suit most production requirements.

Mephisto – Gluing and turning-in machine

The Mephisto is a Roby Junior 2 without the board feeder. With its simple operation and changeover time close to zero, the Mephisto is the ideal casemaker for short runs.

The basic version consists of a vacuum worktable, which prevents the sheet from moving during the placing of boards, a manual board positioning device and an automatic turning-in and pressing unit. A backlit window enables accurate positioning of the book title along the spine.
Optional equipment includes: a gluing unit for hot and cold glue, a corner cutter, a device for automatic corner closing and the roller press function (without turning-in)

  • Maximum size 50x70cm
  • Speed 150 pieces/hour
  • Type of glue: hot or cold



Roby Junior 2 – Gluing and turning-in machines

Compact and versatile semi-automatic casemaker suitable both for short and medium runs.

  • Maximum size 50x70cm
  • Speed 250 pieces/hour
  • Type of glue: hot and cold



  • Gluing unit - Integrated in the machine in order to save floor space and the walking effort. Usually used with hot, animal glue, the unit can also be used with cold, vinyl glue.
  • Vacuum worktable - Prevents the covering material from moving during the positioning of boards. A backlit central window allows to accurately position the book title along the book spine.
  • Automatic board feeder - Ensures high productivity and perfect alignment of boards.
  • Turning-in unit - Works with all the usual covering materials. Turns in two sides at a time. Includes a corner closing device.
  • Manual board positioning device - Useful for short runs, cases with flexible spine and cases whose spine is thinner than 12.5 mm.


Roby Junior 2 Vas – Gluing and turning-in machine

The Roby Junior 2 Vas is a compact semi-automatic casemaker, ideal for medium runs. It is practically a Roby Junior 2 with an extra turning-in and pressing station. That way cases can be turned in from all four sides in a single pass instead of two. This results in increased output of up to 350 cases per hour.

  • Maximum size 50x70cm
  • Speed 350 pieces/hour
  • Type of glue: hot and cold



  • Gluing unit - Integrated in the machine in order to save floor space and the walking effort. Usually used with hot (animal) glue, the unit can also be used with cold (vinyl) glue.
  • Automatic board feeder - Ensures high productivity and perfect alignment of boards.
  • First turning-in unit - Works with all the usual covering materials. Turns in the two longer sides of the case. Includes a corner closing device.
  • Second turning-in unit - Turns in the two shorter sides of the case. This unit can also be retrofitted on a standard Roby Junior 2 at a later date.
  • Corner cutter - A practical solution for small quantities.
  • Vacuum worktable - Helps to align the covering material and also includes a backlit central window for accurate positioning of the book title along the book spine.
  • Manual board positioning device - Useful for short runs and cases with flexible spine.


Roby 1800/1800 XL – Automatic Case maker

  • Maximum size 45x76/ 60x100cm
  • Speed 1400 cycles/hour

Type of covering materials that can be used:

  • paper
  • laminated paper
  • polyurethane
  • fabric
  • other materials are subject to prior testing.

The Roby 1800 casemaker can produce:

  • Single-piece cases for files; inside lining can be performed in second pass
  • Three-piece cases for hard cover books
  • Cases made of up to 5 pieces, for special products such as sample catalogues, calendars, diaries, religious books

X-Case – Casing-in machine

  • Maximum size 50x46cm
  • Speed 200 pieces/hour


The X-Case is an ideal casing-in machine for short runs. It has a sturdy build, wide size range and guarantees high quality binding.  A common drive ensures that the speed between the book and the gluing rollers remains constant regardless of the book weight.  To produce durable books the X-Case automatically applies a double amount of glue at the joints.

  • Gluing device with function of double spreading
  • Manual opening of the book block and placing on the blade
  • Manual positioning of the book case
  • Gluing with cold (vinyl) glue
  • Grooved rollers ensure even distribution of glue in a thin layer



X-Case Plus – Semi automatic casing-in machine

  • Maximum size 50x22.5cm
  • Speed 350 pieces/hour


X-Case Plus is a semi-automatic version of the X-Case. It has the following additional features:

  • Book block feeding station
  • Automatic opening of the book block at the middle and placing on the blade
  • Accurate alignment of the book spine with respect to the cover
  • Gentle pressing after casing-in by means of rollers
  • Finished books are delivered on a shelf for easy manual unloading




X-Case Plus + VIP Forming – Casing-in machine + joint forming press

  • Maximum size 50x22.5cm
  • Speed 350 pieces/hour


The line performs three operations in line: casing-in, book pressing and joint forming. The end result is a finished hard-cover book.

The X-Case Plus cases in the book, presses it gently and lays it onto the infeed belt of the VIP Forming press. The VIP Forming has two hydro-dynamic pressing stations which press the book in the proximity of the spine and then form the joints by means of heated blades. The pressure and temperature of each station can be set individually.


  • Book block feeding station
  • Automatic opening of the book block in the middle and placing on the blade
  • Gluing (casing-in) with cold glue, with function of double spreading
  • Accurate alignment of the book spine with respect to the cover
  • Gentle pressing after casing-in by means of rollers
  • Book blocks feeding of joint forming machine
  • Two pressing and joint forming stations (with heated blades)
  • Hydro-dynamic book pressing system
  • Pneumatic joint forming system
  • Two separate temperature control stations
  • Two separate pressing timers

Angolar M – Corner Cutting Machine

Maximum thickness – 5mm

Motorised corner cutting machine designed for:

  • Straight cut (e.g. for preparation of hard case covering material)
  • Rounded corners for production of books and catalogues; there is a wide choice of diameters.


  • Double-blade, self-sharpening cutting system.
  • Side guides help to position the pile.
  • Automatic brake motor and safety guards.
  • Wheels for easy mobility.



Capri – head- and tail banding machine

Capri is a double-head banding machine for short and medium runs. It simultaneously attaches bands at the head and the tail of the book block spine. The Capri is always ready for use and requires no cleaning because it uses self-adhesive tape instead of liquid glue. 

  • Maximum spine length 47cm
  • Maximum thickness 5cm
  • An optional ribboning device extends the Capri’s functionality. It cuts the ribbon to the length required and attaches it underneath the head band; subsequently the operator inserts the ribbon into the book block.




X forming – Book press and joint forming machine

  • Maximum size 50x32.5cm
  • Maximum mechanical speed 300 pieces/hr

The machine consists of:

  • Book block feeding station, through motor belt
  • Pressing and joint forming station 
  • Hydraulic book pressing system with timer 
  • Pneumatic joint forming system with temperature-controlled heated blades



Special 85 – Book press

  • Maximum size 38x55cm
  • Maximum thickness 44cm
  • Mechanical press for hard cover books. It keeps the pressure constant even after the air has been pressed out of the books and the glue is stiffened.
  • The press is mounted on wheels for easy mobility.






Cimatic – Joint forming machine

  • Maximum spine length 48cm
  • Speed up to 300 pieces/hr
  • The Cimatic forms the joints of the book in order to achieve the necessary hinge effect during opening. The joints also give the book its traditional look.
  • The joints are pressed with heated blades, one fixed and one movable. The movable blade is driven by a pneumatic cylinder and is activated by a pedal.
  • To achieve optimum result with various types of covering materials, the operator has three settings at his disposal: a thermostat to set the temperature of the blades, a pressure gauge to set the pressing force and a pedal to choose the pressing duration.
  • No adjustment is required according to the thickness of the book.




Beta – Case rounding machine

  • Maximum size 45cm
  • Speed 200 pieces/hr
  • The Beta is a simple machine which perfectly rounds the spine of the book case, irrespective of its thickness and the type of covering material used.
  • The main element of the machine is a heated drum with several moulds corresponding to various book thicknesses. The operator turns the drum until the mould that suits the current book best is in the top position. He then sets the distance between the two upper pressing blades according to the book thickness.
  • The operator lays an open case, face up, onto the mould. By pressing a pedal the two blades squeeze the case on either side of the book spine, ensuring sharp edges. The spine is pressed against the heated mould until it assumes its rounded shape.  The operation takes just a few seconds.




Saturno – book block rounding machine

  • Maximum size 50cm
  • Speed 200 pieces/hr
  • Book block rounding machine for short to medium runs. A swivel press achieves the rounding effect by smashing the spine of the book block first from one side and then from another.
  • To change from one thickness to another, the worktable height is adjusted by means of a joystick.
  • The machine has a robust steel construction and is mounted on castor wheels.
  • Transparent safety guards ensure good visibility during the operation.




Press Oro 35 – Hot foil stamping machine

  • Maximum size 28x35cm
  • Speed 300 pieces/hr


Semi-automatic, pneumatic hot foil stamping machine for gold and pastel colour embossing of book covers, cardboard and fabrics. Its bridge construction allows printing of large format materials as well. Blind embossing is also possible.

Main features:

  • Timer for table closing
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Motorized, timer-controlled foil advance
  • Fast and easy foil replacement
  • Safety devices
  • Copy counter

Roby One – automatic gluing and mounting machine

  • Maximum size 50x70 / 70x100cm
  • Speed 720 pieces/hour
  • Changeover time 5 min
  • Type of glue: cold (hot optional)


The Roby One is a universal machine for gluing and mounting of two materials together (paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic, polyurethane, etc). It can be employed for production of book covers, game boards, files, diplomas, puzzles, covers with labels or photos, easel displays, photo albums, DVD trays, personalized boxes and slip cases, passports, three-piece calendars, post-it notepads, etc.

The standard machine performs full surface gluing but upon request it can be equipped with a gluing system (usually hot-melt) that will allow selective gluing.

DRUPA 2016

Although Friedheim International does not have a stand at DRUPA 2016, the majority of the companies that Friedheim represents in the UK & Ireland will be participating – Vega Group being one of them:

Hall 14 / Stand C04

Milan-based machine manufacturer Zechini is renowned for its strong presence at DRUPA events, and this time around the company has surpassed itself!  On a 400 m2 stand Zechini will be exhibiting almost its entire product range, providing numerous bookbinding solutions for conventional and digital printers and bindery departments, including the following:


  • For short-run production: X-Book Evolution package composed of a Roby Junior 2 case-maker, X-Case casing-in machine and an X-Forming book press and joint forming machine.
  • For medium run production: X-Case Plus casing-in machine connected in-line with the VIP Forming book press and joint forming machine.
  • For book block preparation: VIP Press end papering machine and VIP Gauze back gluing and lining machine.
  • Capri head and tail banding machine, which can additionally act as a ribbon inserting machine.
  • Press Oro 35 embossing machine.


Zechini has also proudly announced that at DRUPA 2016 the company will be participating in the Treedom ecological initiative.  This means that for every visitor that registers at Zechini’s stand the company will donate an amount that will be invested in planting a tree, the growth of which the visitor can subsequently monitor on-line!

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